What a pompous schmuck

“A lot of the spending cuts that we’re making should be around areas like defense spending as opposed to food stamps,” –Obama to NPR.

One, this is a schmuck who has yet to propose anything of his own.

Two, if you want to cut defense spending then let’s cut Libya and Yemen. We aren’t even there legally.

Third, I’ll admit that we never had a plan when going in to Afghanistan…okay the military had a plan, but we clearly didn’t have a plan on what to do once the military drove the Taliban out. I will admit I was foolish and thought we had learned from WWI and WWII that you have to have a plan on what to do after you kill the bad guys. But Bush didn’t. And I will admit that I was naïve and didn’t critique Bush at first because I assumed there was one but I just couldn’t see all the pieces, after all in the early stages even someone with a plan would be able to show it working from day one, these kind of things take time. But yeah, while I had no desire to Monday morning quarterback, Bush had no plan. And Obama continued to have no plan on Afghanistan. So let’s just bomb the shit out of the Taliban one last time, take out all the drug lords we can and leave. But don’t be the one who continues to have no plan and then gets us into civil wars where both sides are pretty scummy (not to mention I’m sure that the priority list for both sides in Libya read:  (1.) Kill the other side (2.) Kill the Jews (3.) Kill the Great Satan) and then complain about military spending.

Fourth after being a complete hypocrite for getting us into a war that even theoretically won’t free a single soul (at least in Afghanistan our intentions were good) he then wants to talk about food stamps. You know what? How about we cut both programs. The entitlement spending in this nation has become insane. When one out of three people are on a government handout of some kind it should become clear to all but the mentally impaired that we’ve hit a point where we need to turn back. People have become too reliant on safety nets put in by the government. For instance, right now in economic hard times, are people cutting back on their expense? Nope they’re putting all their same expenses on credit cards. Real moronic move. Why are they doing this? Probably because they know there is always a bailout waiting to help them. After all if people can buy houses they can’t afford and have the government help them pay for it with my tax dollars—tax dollars I have because I didn’t listen to my old boss who called me an idiot for not buying a house on a subprime loan, remind me who the idiot is?—why would you cut any of your other costs.

No. We need to cut everything. Get out of these wars we have no plan in (if there was a plan to bring freedom I’d be all for it but there’s not) and kill these entitlement programs and force some frugality back in the country.

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