A few thoughts on Global Warming…

So while doing some research I found the same answer over and over and over again. The earth gets warmer and colder over time. It’s a wacky thing. Some might even call it a cycle. It was warm in the ancient world (so warm you could grow grapes in Northern England, it’s too cold to do that right now), then it got cold around 900AC then warm a century later then warm again; so warm that Erik the Red could actually live in Greenland (you can’t really do that now) then it got really cold again, so cold we call it the little Ice Age. Then it got warm again. That’s where we’re at right now.

But here’s the really fun part, we’re still not as warm as it once was. Looking at this cycle you would have to be an idiot of extreme measure to think that this latest warming period was directly caused by human intervention (Especially when you consider that CO2 levels are vastly lower than they were back in the Paleozoic era and as far as we can tell temperature wasn’t all that different.) An intelligent person might notice it looks more like a sine wave—it goes up, it goes down. A very natural pattern.
Here’s another fun part…try and find the eruptions of Thera or Krakatoa, which threw up more particulate matter than the entire industrialized world puts up in a decade, on this chart. Hint their eruptions seem to cause no change whatsoever in overall temperature.

Notice also those nice lines I drew in showing that not only our current temperature, but our current temperature plus a couple degrees is still lower than what it has historically been.

So exactly what was your proof that climate change was caused by the burning of fossil fuels again? A yeah, it got a little warmer over the last century…big deal.

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