A review of "Generous Fire" by Olivia Waite

So a friend of mine recently started her writing career with her first book “Generous Fire”. As I know how hard it is get to your name out there I offered to write a review even though her book wasn’t exactly in a genre that I was familiar with. In fact I mistook what genre she was writing. I thought she was writing a romance novel…simple plot, simple plot, sex scene told all in innuendo, simple plot (or at least that’s my idea of a modern romance novel, the only romance novels I’ve ever read have the names Austen, Bronte, and Mitchell tied to them, so what do I know about the modern romance novel). But I knew Ms. Waite’s writing style and knew I liked her style so I thought even though it’s not my genre I can easily be complimentary…

…the thing is that her romance novella was more of a erotic novella…

…and if I was out of my depth before…

Like I said I was expecting a mainly innuendo based sex scene, maybe two. The sex scenes were there…not so much the innuendo. So at this point I’m way out of my depth.

I will still say that her Ms. Waite’s style is wonderfully entertaining and playful.

It was the night before the night before the dawn before the day of Christmas—which was to say, one night prior to Christmas Eve—when Miss Tisdale arrived at the door to the headmaster’s office.” It’s just beautifully convoluted and entertaining– ranking up there with the best of Gaiman or Adams.
As to the content. Well this is more of a PG-13 rated blog. R when I’m really pissed off. The actual acts performed by the repressed 1800’s school teacher and her headmaster…a little beyond R. Let me just say this has some heavy overtones of submission and dominance, and a touch of steampunk. And lots of explicit detail.

I probably won’t be reading anymore of Olivia Waite’s novellas, but more because the genre isn’t my thing not because of her endlessly flirtatious turn of phrase. If she switches genres, I’ll probably be the first to buy her book. I would like to whole heartedly suggest you read her blog as it is another example of her wonderful prose. If this is your genre but my inability to do it justice have not convinced you, read her blog, you will fall in love with her writing. If this isn’t your genre you’ll probably still enjoy the blog.

If this is your genre however you’d probably enjoy “Generous Fire”. If this is your genre please buy it and give her a chance, you will enjoy it and want to buy her other books…she already has a second one out and more yet to be finished.

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