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This woman is beyond sad (keep in mind this is the same person who thinks that there is a North and South Vietnam right now)…what’s different about this President? He’s an ass. Sheila it’s because we finally got some real conservatives who understand economics that we’re not raising the debt ceiling…it’s has nothing to do with your boss’ skin color. …

Ann Coulter on single moms

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The Pace Plan to Solve our budget problems


I know I’ve had a blog or two like this before, but given the budget crisis we’re having, we need to go over this again.

Here is a simple plan to solve all our budget woes.

1. Everyone goes on a 15% flat income tax. No loopholes. No exemptions. No money is not counted. No floor of if you make below a certain income you don’t have to pay. Everyone pays 15%
2. We suspend all R&D at the Pentagon. That will kill a huge chunk of change.
3. We give the Joint Chiefs a list of all projects at the Department of Defense, anything they cross off gets killed (you’d be surprised how many billions are wasted in spending money on things the military doesn’t even want, but some idiot Congressman did).
4. All elected officials at the federal level will be paid NOTHING until we are out of debt.
5. 10% cuts to all Departments. Across the board, no exceptions.
6. Another 10% cut to Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security benefits. If the old people complain remind them that they are destroying their grandchildren’s future if they don’t take the cut. Anyone who still complains is a sociopath and not worth listening to.
7. As I have already stated, kill the Departments of Agriculture, HUD and Education.
8. If you’re over 65 and haven’t retired yet your new retirement age is 67. If you’re under 60 your new retirement is 70. If you’re under 40 it’s never—oh, you were never going to see that money and you know it so don’t complain.
9. If there is any service we can privatize (FDA, Post Office, Park Service) let’s privatize it.
10. Bomb every inch of Taliban controlled Afghanistan with as much ordinance as it takes to throw back to whatever was before the Stone Age and make sure that even the cockroaches are dead. Burn all the poppy fields. Then we need to leave, as we will have done everything we could and it’s up to the Afghanis at that point.
11. Get out of Libya.
12. Send a letter to China “Dear Genocidal Communist Tyrants who like to pretend you’re capitalists. We owe you 1.6 Trillion Dollars. You owe this nation at least 4 times that when you factor in all the copyright and intellectual property infringements you have either directly committed or encouraged your citizens to commit. We’re going to call it even.”
13. When corporations claim that China owed them the money and not the US, remind them of all the immoral corporate welfare they got and tell them to go away…then eliminate all corporate welfare programs.

There that will put us on more than a start to recovery. And if we do this immediately we may not even need to raise the debt ceiling.

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