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Laws for Everybody to Pass: Caylee’s Law

I could waste your time with a full blog on this, but it’s kind of a no brainer. Yes, parent’s not reporting their children missing should be a crime. Obviously this needs to be 50 different state laws because the federal government has no authority here, but it’s still a no brainer as a state law. Any politician who opposes this should be voted out at the earliest opportunity (or they better have a damn good argument as to why the wording of the bill needs to be changed).

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Meditation of the week: Third Chakra Mantra

This week we’ll get back to the third chakra with a mantra meditation.

Sit in lotus position with your hands in front of you. You hands should be open with the fingers touching each other, one thumb over the other, but with the palms not pressed against each other. As you do this chant the mantra RAM (again focus on this being three syllables to be held over a long breath followed by a silent space before repeating). As you do this focus on your solar plexus chakra, the fiery yellow circle rotation just below you breast bone.
If you can hold this for 10-15 minutes great. If not try to do it for just a little longer each day.

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