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Some questions about Michele Bachmann

I have just read the third hit piece in a week on Michele Bachmann. They all have a similar theme. She’s crazy. She’s a religious zealot. She’s a homophobe.

But here’s the problem. Some of the things I read in these articles are not quoted they’re just reported as if the writer were saying “The sky is blue” as if it is a self-evident truth that everyone knows. But these hit pieces are the first time I’ve heard them. Or they give quotes…but being the cynical person I am I do what I always do to interesting quotes I see in blogs and commentary pieces: I put those quotes into Google and Bing…and low and behold the only places that have these quotes are blogs and commentary pieces. Not a single legitimate news source. Not even that work of Pseudo-fiction I call MSNBC. Nothing. These seem to be quotes born out of blogs and then just repeated over and over again. Now, I try to source a lot of the stuff on this blog (I’m not always perfect but I try) because I know you should never trust completely something you see on a blog…so the fact that I can’t find a single news source is disturbing.

(I won’t copy or put links to the quotes here only because I am doubtful of their authenticity…if they were true I’d drop Bachmann like a bad habit).

But this is a part of a larger problem.

I follow Bachmann’s press releases and statements. From what I have seen they are the statement of a woman who is politically conservative, and very religious but not psychotically so. I follow the religious wack jobs too, and she doesn’t sound like one of them in what she been releasing for the last year. So if she does have these beliefs I am just by chance missing all of her psycho statements, or she holds her beliefs very close to the chest (which pretty much would mean she understands the difference be religious beliefs which should inform one’s ethics and ones that should be kept to herself).

But please, If you have real news articles that prove otherwise, let me know.

Then there is the fact at how people react when I say she is currently my second choice. My closest friend in response to this called me an idiot. The reaction has been similar but not so polite from people who are not my friends. The problem is that no one will give me a reason. Is there a law she’s supporting that makes her incompetent? A cause? Because all I’ve seen is just a fervent anti-big government stance…which we all know I support.
But maybe I have blinders on.

So please, is there a reason I shouldn’t be supporting Bachmann?

Or is this just the same misogynistic strain that killed Hillary’s campaign and attacked Palin on BS reasons (and not the fact that she’s a demagogue opportunist who will say and support anything to get attention). Because without a reason that’s all I can see.
Please tell me if I’m missing something.
I am a reasonable person and can be swayed by verifiable proof, but when all these accusations can only be tracked back to blogs and unsourced commentary I have to assume that this is just biased propaganda against a rising star. Unless someone has a real news story to show me.


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More insane economic plans…

Oh and then there’s this… New York Times resident conservative Thomas Friedman (the New York Times standard of a conservative is that are you to the right of Marx) also has an almost equally stupid suggestion to solve the economy as what are idiot Treasury Secretary wants.

Raise taxes on gas and require improved standards (which might be okay if coupled with opening up off shore drilling and Anwar…but otherwise is just suicidal and begging for massive inflation in the short term)

Shrink the presence in Afghanistan (which again may be the best call…but we should get out of Yemen and Libya first)

Pass the Simpson-Bowles act…which I could deal with. While it has hikes in taxes it also has lots and lots of fun and rational spending cuts.

And a “short-term stimulus.” Really Tom? Another stimulus package? Because it failed to do anything the first two times and other than radically increase our debt, continue the cancer that is corporate welfare and continue to let bad companies be a drain on the economy. Yes, because the first two times didn’t work, it’s sure to work this time. And what do they call it when you do something over and over again and each time expect a different result? This more than anything is what makes Friedman’s plan idiotic.

How about this:

Pass a combination Simpson-Bowles and the Ryan plan.
Raise gas taxes but open up drilling. Follow the link if you want justification.
Bomb the Taliban out of existence and then just leave Afghanistan…it’s probably the only chance they have because we’re just making it worse. Get out of Libya and Yemen too.
And of course, get rid of Obamacare and that prescription drug benefit that idiot Bush passed.

Now that would actually make fiscal sense…

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