Meditation of the week: Candle Gazing

So we continue with the 3rd Chakra this week with a little candle gazing.

Sit in a comfortable position with a lit candle in front of you. (Any candle will do, but something yellow might help you focus on your solar plexus chakra).
Quietly gaze into the flame and see in your own solar plexus chakra a similar fire burning. Try to focus on nothing but the flame, and let all extraneous thoughts burn up in the fire. Once it’s just you and the flame, try to envision that light filling your whole being (especially traveling up and down your spine where your other chakras are located).
If you can, and I understand that not everyone can maintain a meditation like this for an extended period of time (it takes lots of practice and it’s perfectly understandable if you can’t keep this level of focus for a long period of time), try to envision this fire being a metaphor for all your actions, full of life, light, and energy. And if you can, envision that fire even after you finish the meditation and see it burning in your solar plexus as you do everything during your day.

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