Should we look at everyone?

So Democrat Laura Richardson objects to looking at the radicalization of Islam hearing because any look based on “race or religion” is discriminatory. Is that it? Do we have a problem with radical Islam because we dislike other religions only because they’re different and we’re bigots? I’m sure she’s right. It’s not like almost every major terrorist attack against the US and its allies (with the exception of Oklahoma City) for the last three decades hasn’t has been committed by only one group of radical religious lunatics. No, not all it’s because we’re bigots.

Richardson is right. We should also look at Neo-Nazi’s because Nazi’s have never had anything to do with radical Islam (you know if you ignore all the diplomatic relations Nazi Germany had with radical Islamic groups because they were united in their hatred of Britain and the Jews). I’m sure that you find all those connections are gone now and that a deep seated hatred of the Jews is no longer uniting these two organizations.

Richardson is right we should look at other problems in the prison system. Like gangs…as most gangs have some connection to the Mexican cartels…and it’s not like the Cartels are pushing heroin and other drugs grown by terrorists to fund their war against the west. It must be that we’re just bigots and only want to go after radical Muslims.

And while not in this committee’s scope of interest, maybe we should look at the religions that are the victims of hate crimes in this country. Remind me again which religion has the most hate crimes perpetrated against it in this country…oh, that’s right, that would the Jews. I’m sure radical Muslims have nothing to do with that.

Sarcasm aside, this woman is delusional if she doesn’t think radical Islam is a problem not just for America but for the world at large. My only complaint against King’s statement is that he didn’t lay into this idiotic excuse for a member of Congress more.

And for a variation on this theme…

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