The Problem of Evil

Someone emailed me a classic attack on my defense of the possibility of God. It was long and rambling, and sometimes mildly incoherent, but when you boiled it down it came down to the classic Problem of Evil.

The philosophical problem of evil attack on the existence of God goes as follows.
If God exists then he is:
A) Good.
B) Omniscient (All-Knowing)
C) Omnipresent (Everywhere)
D) Omnipotent (All-powerful)

And yet there is evil. And if all of the above is true of God then it is true there shouldn’t be evil. So at least one of those things about God isn’t true. And if one of those things isn’t true about God then he isn’t God.
This has been an historic argument against God, and it’s kind of fun reading 2,000 years of Christian apologists try to find a way around this argument. The best they came up with was God intends to bring something good out of the bad, akin to smelting metals in a crucible. But this creates a rather cruel idea of God.

However New Age belief has a much easier answer out of this problem. Since this whole existence is in the mind of the Son of God, similar to Hindu belief of how all of reality is in the mind of the dreaming Brahma, just because this world has problems isn’t relevant to God. Yes, he’s all powerful, knowing and good. Doesn’t matter to him. This is a dream, it’s not real. Yes he may be trying to help us wake up, but really from the perspective of an infinite being, a dream lasting trillions of years is still nothing…or in the word of the book, A Course in Miracles, “for such a tiny interval of time that not one note in Heaven’s song was missed.” (Chapter 26, Section V, 5:4). God doesn’t have to solve the problem of evil because evil is an illusion, a flaw within a very bad dream of his Son, a dream that will be forgotten even before we wake. What’s to solve when nothing ever happened? Think of it this way; do you need to make up or be punished for crimes you commit in a dream? No. And the evil in this dream is equally an illusion.

So while the problem of evil was an excellent and classic attempt to try and disprove God…it just doesn’t work with New Agers.


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