Another Attempt to Describe New Age Belief

So once again I got asked what does a New Ager believe, and rather than just directing them to my blog (the idea crossed my mind but I thought it sounded either a bit rude or not rude enough…this person was rather closed minded, I won’t mention from what religion, and kind of needed to be put down a peg or two) I came up with the following:
I have a Christian conception of the trinity in which we exist in a Hindu Metaphysics conception of the mind of God, but the only way to escape it is through a Buddhist path toward Enlightenment that must be traveled with Taoist desires, Aristotelian deliberation, Nietzschian will and the unshakable of faith of Judaism in the face of momentarily negative events.

I was quite proud of the description as it described fairly well my divergent beliefs and philosophies…but even as I said it I realized it was an ungodly complex and dense collection of disparate belief systems (which admittedly was kind of the point). Why can’t I have an easier religion to explain…well nobody ever said truth was easy to explain. I think it’s easy to understand but explaining it can be a bitch.
New Agers, or at least my brand of New Agers, believe like Christians that there is God the Father and God the Son, the same being, but different parts, equal in divinity and power, divergent only in that one created the other (but what is time in eternity?) and the bond which is shared between these two parts of the same infinite being could be considered the Holy Spirit (I’ll get back to this part). The second part of this trinity, like the Hindu god Brahma has fallen asleep and within its mind there exists the dream of our universe (however, unlike the Hindus I believe this is a onetime event and we are not going to repeat it after we wake up). This dream (nightmare?) occurs because the Son had a really bad idea that it is now working out through this thought experiment we call existence. Each of us is a part of the Son (our soul) and thus a part of God and a part of this terrible idea (our ego, that part of us that thinks we aren’t part of God, that part that lives on fear, that part is quite frankly insane). The only way to get out of this dream is, as the Buddha taught, to shed our egos and reach enlightenment…and we all need to reach Enlightenment for this dream to fully end. And like Buddhism and Hinduism we are stuck in a cycle of reincarnation until we reach Enlightenment. Now while the Eightfold Path of Buddhism is a good path to Enlightenment, it doesn’t cover everything, so to live in this world (and not just withdraw as Buddhism often seems to argue for) you must have the simple desire of Taoism that points out that desires should be kept as simple as possible and then you will have everything (“Ever desireless, one can see the mystery.”), desire only what is necessary for happiness and you don’t have to worry about much. And with the introduction of happiness comes my favorite philosopher Aristotle who requires you to stop and think about everything you do, why you do it, and how best to do it until thinking (which contrary to what many foolish people think is not an automatic function that comes with being human) becomes a habit. But thinking is not enough, you have to put your thoughts into action, to will the universe to be what you want, and so the drive of Nietzsche is required to move forward (please understand that most of the terrible things you’ve heard about Nietzsche’s philosophy are not correct, and you should realize that it actually is quite an uplifting and non-racist, non-authoritarian belief). And to bolster this is what should be incredible faith demonstrated by Judaism that one day everything will work out no matter how terrible things may seem at the moment.

That would be one way to describe New Age Metaphysics and Ethics…certainly not the only way…but one way. The idea that no one belief system holds all the answers, but that all the answers are out there if you want to look for them.

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