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Just one of the many reasons I hate unions

You can usually tell how little character a person has by how defenseless their victims are. If you are a scummy politician who likes to invoke the phrase “we need to do what’s best for the children” when really all you care about is your bank account, you’re despicable. If you like to abuse animals you’re either a sociopath or a psychopath. Somewhere in between are unions. How do I feel justified in saying this…well just follow this link and see how unions are willing to exploit the Special Olympics to make the moment about their sick little protests so that they can continue to fleece the public. It’s pretty sick. (You may think that there is a cheap joke in here about how any union member already qualifies for the Special Olympics and thus they had every right to be there, but that would be wrong…you have to have a soul to participate in the Special Olympics).

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