Another Weekly Republican Look

He’s in Front. Giuliani continues to be the perfect candidate. He thinks that economics and foreign policy are the most important things and he’s conservative on both. Can’t get better than that.

This video is wonderful, even though it’s trying to hit Romney for his defense of abortion. Actually, his support abortion rights might be one of the few things I agree with this man on…however listen to his reason for supporting abortion: “Because my mommy supports it.” Not exactly filling me with hope there Mitt in your ability to dress yourself let alone run a country.

(Note 6/6 this video has been taken down…probably the Romney campaign has something to do with it. Let me sum up what was in it Romney supports the health-care mandates, you know those unconstitutional ones, doesn’t believe in the right to bear arms, supports abortion but only because his mommy told him to, didn’t support Reagan, believes in the BS called global warming and carbon taxes…in short to call him a conservative is to make the word have no meaning).

She’s says she is conservative. She wants a bridge built to nowhere. She doesn’t want it built to nowhere. She’s for family values…doesn’t bother to teach them to her children (or was so draconian that rebellion was logically foreseeable…either way, not trusting her on social policy). She supports John McCain, the least conservative person I can think of. Worse McCain endorses her. Logically she is either a not conservative or just without values and will say whatever works for her bank account at the time.
The idea that a witch burns because she is made of wood has more logic to it…in fact that is on the logical level of anything Palin does

Oh and Chris Mattews now seems to be in love with Palin. This frightens me on numerous levels.

Bachmann continues to lay in wait building support and not make a fool of herself like, say Palin, Romney and Santorum.

Paul, Pawlenty, Santorum,Bolton, and Cain have been quiet this week.

Rick Perry might be in. Again I’m less than impressed.

Huckabee might come back.Why? Because he’s a vainglorious idiot who can’t make up his mind.

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