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The Random Thoughts of May

Is there any country Obama is not going to embarrass us in (between his inability to know when to speak during a toast and Michelle’s truly abhorrent dress–I have no fashion sense and even I know that thing is hideous– when meeting the royals this just adds to our embarrassment of giving the Queen an iPod and the Prime Minister a bunch of DVD’s that don’t work in Britain. Oh and how can we forget that Obama returned a bust of Winston Churchill?) Is he angling for the redneck vote by acting like classless trash?
I do not envy the next president’s job at rebuilding our connection with the rest of the world. Under Clinton and Bush the world didn’t like us, but they respected us…now we’re just a laughingstock.

Movies are becoming more and more disappointing. I had such hopes for Hangover II. Yet where the original had raunchiness for the sake of comedy, this just had raunchiness for the sake of raunchiness. Honestly with the exception of Atlas Shrugged (and that mainly for philosophy not for absolute quality of the film) I don’t think there have been any movies that I will be able to put on my top 10 list this year. (And I can think of only two that will make the honorable mention list).

Obama’s comments on immigration are also a disgrace but more on that Monday.

As far as I can tell if there was anything that could have been done when Osama died, if there was anything that could have been done to strike while the iron was hot, we clearly missed it as we did nothing after his end. That would have been the perfect time to start a new offensive against the Taliban or Al-Qaida or something…but no, we did nothing.

Who seriously thinks that Israel can negotiate anything with Hamas? If you raised your hand, you’re an idiot without compare.

Should it surprise anyone that the housing market seems to be on the verge of another crash? It shouldn’t, we didn’t let the market correct itself last time, and the invisible hand will have its way no matter what we try.

This month reminded me why I like Binyamin Netanyahu. Which reminded me I also like Merkel, Cameron, and Sarkozy. …notice who isn’t on that list?

Meanwhile the endlessly entertaining show that is Iran has given us this month’s Holocaust denier Ahmadinejad having to deflect accusations from his opponents that he isn’t Anti-Semitic and having some of his aids being arrested for sorcery. You have to love a country where a politician needs to have his Jew hating credentials and where you can still be arrested for sorcery. Oh wait, love isn’t the right word there. I meant nuke.

According to Michele Bachmann’s Facebook page we are finally getting legislation to let people buy insurance across state lines. Finally!

Oh, and apparently there is also legislation in the works to allow the Amish to sell milk across state lines….because apparently Eric Holder and his Brownshirts in the Justice Department think that the Amish and unpasteurized milk are serious threats to your safety.

Would Sarah Palin please just go away and stop embarrassing us all.

Bill Clinton says we need medicare reform. Given the absolute vindictiveness of the Clintons I wonder what will happen if the GOP nominates a social moderate like Giuliani…perhaps an endorsement designed to only stab Obama in the back.

Oh and how we forget that the Democrat solution to the economy is to raise the top income tax rate to 62%. …I’m speechless at the stupidity of this. Hey while we’re at it why don’t we pass another tariff bill…worked so well right before the Depression.

Hmmm…the value of a creature so poorly designed by nature it exists in only one place and can’t adapt to new conditions vs. making a recession worse. Ohhh, tough call. I’m sorry but species go extinct all the time. They’re supposed to. It’s called survival of the fittest. If they can’t adapt to new conditions they’re not very fit…and as it’s not cute, I don’t give a shit if it lives or dies. I do however care about not destroying the US economy. (Now if you’re talking about the life of one panda vs. the life lives of a billion communists…clearly the panda should live).


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Weekly Meditation: The 3rd Chakra

Now we come to the all important third chakra, the solar plexus chakra. Why is this the all important chakra? Because this is the chakra that controls will, control actions, controls choice…in short it’s you. The energy that flows through the solar plexus chakra controls how energy flows through all the others. If you can master control of the solar plexus chakra, everything else is downhill and enlightenment is, at most, only a handful of lifetimes away. This is why the Bhagavad-Gita, the most important text in Hinduism is a story about the god Krishna (an embodiment of the sixth chakra, or as yogi Paramahansa Yogananda called it, the Christ-Consciousness) telling the warrior Arjuna (the embodiment of the solar plexus chakra) to go out and slaughter his foes (embodiments of fear and negative desires and habits).

It is the energy of the solar plexus that controls us. When the solar plexus is unbalanced we are fearful, indecisive, unsuccessful, stressed and hateful towards others. When balanced we are calm, determined and decisive—when the energy of the solar plexus is balanced we can take time to consider not only our wants, needs, and emotions from the lower two chakras, but also begin to incorporate the acts of love, creation, and sight that come from the higher chakras.

As the name suggests it’s located in the solar plexus, about 2 inches below the center of the middle of the breast bone. As with all the chakras you should envision it as a c clockwise spinning circle perpendicular to your spine. This chakra happens to be bright yellow, so think of it as looking like the sun.

For this week’s meditation simply meditate on it quietly for about fifteen minutes. Envision it in your mind, look and feel for any dark patches in the in circle and if you find them ask whatever power you believe in to clear those negative thoughts from your chakra.

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