The hypocrisy of conservatives and the tea party

So lately I’ve seen friends, both conservative (even some tea partiers) and liberal, posting petitions and reminders to vote or don’t vote, to write to a public official, to save this or that program. The programs run the gambit of education, social services, the arts, law enforcement and from what I consider frivolous to even a few programs that I kind of like. Now for my liberal friends I see nothing wrong with this—they have taken a position that it is the government’s responsibility to provide certain services and to support not cutting those is perfectly in line with that position. I may not agree with their stance, but I find no hypocrisy in their actions. However, to my fellow conservatives, I find a lot of hypocrisy in their stance asking that this or that program not be cut.

As conservatives we think that a $14,000,000,000,000.00+ debt is insane. That taxes are too high. That government does too much. And that it all needs to be cut.

Except for that program I really like. A lot of us seem to add that little caveat. Except the program that I benefit from.

Shame on all of you.

If the debt, taxes, and the size of government are a problem, which they are, then everything needs to be cut. If we hold off on this or that program because we like it and we see that it has some value, well, guess what, someone believes every program out there serves some person. If we keep making exceptions then nothing gets cuts, because oddly enough everything gets put aside and nothing gets done. To try and save your favorite program is to say that you don’t believe that we have big issues with the size of government intrusion into our lives and our economy.

Thus every conservative, every member of the tea party, every Republican needs to find their favorite program. The one that provides them with the most goods, the one they would fight to the death to defend and write to every elected official that this program needs to be cut by 10%…granted you should argue everything else should be cut by 15-20% but your favorite program needs to be cut. I guarantee you, no program at any level of government is currently not filled with pork, with poor accounting, poor expenditure, over staffed, and could easily tighten their belt.

I like the military. But there are a lot of expensive R&D and construction projects that could easily go.

I like education (not the least of which because that’s where I get my paycheck from) but more money HAS NEVER equaled better education. Besides you could easily cut the budget of any school in America without even touching teachers. Trust no Superintendent, with their six figure salaries (sometimes high sixes), is worth more than $80K (if that). No principal in the nation is even close to being worth six digit salaries. Most school administrations are filled with nothing but useless, worthless, time and money wasting excuses for humans. Fire about half of them. There—I probably just saved American education 10% without even touching teachers. Fun fact– charter schools in Arizona get paid less per student than public schools, and yet, charter schools often offer better education. How about we lower the public school funding to the charter school level (remember Admin should go on the chopping block first) and see if we can make the most of what we have and see which system, public or charter, can do the most with the same amount of money. (I bet you’ll see that charters will continue to improve and the public schools with their goddamn unions will just implode).

I like law enforcement…but let’s be honest here, is the highway patrol of any state anything other than a bunch of ticket writing meter maids with guns.

I’m trying to find something I would usually approve of unconditionally that government does…but I’m having a hard time thinking of anything.

My point is that you need to be willing to cut even those parts of the government you like if we are going to get out of our problem. Otherwise you don’t actually believe the basic principles of conservatism and are a hypocrite.

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