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Laws for the GOP to pass #28 How to deal with Foreign Aid

I’ll fully admit that I’m not anywhere near original as this is already being proposed in Congress, but I feel it does deserve some public notice.

So apparently, when we vote for international aid it’s a single huge bill sent to Congress. We want to give X dollars to countries A, B, C, through G. One bill. So all the aid for Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Ireland, and Mexico is in one bill. They may have later bills every year for more money, but the powers that be like to try and get everything in as few bills as possible.

This is insane.

Congress needs to take countries each on their own.

Now granted, foreign aid is an incredibly small portion of the budget and taking out a few countries isn’t even going to make a major difference. But, first of all, remember I have a death of a thousand cuts philosophy to the budget—if you make enough small cuts on every aspect of every program you’ll eventually have a huge amount of savings. And on a second issue, some countries don’t deserve a dime from us.

For instance I have a link here to the U.S. list of countries we give aid to.

It’s a strange list.
2009 2 Billion to Egypt…to a dictator so he can be overthrown by terrorists. Money well spent I’m sure.

1 Billion to the Sudan. I think some bombs on the people committing genocide would have been more effective and cost less.

900 Million to Pakistan…the smartass remark is too obvious for me to need to write it down.

900 Million to Palestine…so the terrorist run government can plot the 2nd Holocaust.

800 Million to Russia…so they can help Iran develop a nuclear reactor.

33 Million to Mexico…to help print pamphlets on how to leave their country and have another country pay for all of their healthcare and childcare costs.

22 Million to China…to help repress the people and torture Tibetan monks.

Now, am I going to say all the money we spend is wasted? Yes. I am. The U.S. government couldn’t spend properly if it tried. But I will admit that some of that money is not necessarily going into the pocket of dictators to help fund the murder of innocents…in those countries, it’s often going into the pocket of corrupt bureaucrats to fund their retirement in an equatorial non-extradition country. But the point here is we should be looking at each country separately.

Ireland? Probably not.

Iraq? Yeah, we blew the place up pretty good, the least we can do is to pay for the cleanup.

Palestine? No. Hell no. Not in a million years do those terrorist deserve a dime…now if we want to discuss lots and lots of ordinance, I’m open to that expenditure.

China? Only if it’s paying off debt. And I still maintain that all the copyright violations, trade mark infringement, and industrial espionage that’s all but funded and sponsored by that corrupt government should just cancel out what we owe them.

The long list of sub-Saharan African countries? Eh. I don’t think our money is actually doing any good…but I have no ethical problems other than my concerns over the pragmatics of it.

But we should not have to have an all or nothing bill. Each country’s aid should go up separately. And each country should get an up or down vote in both houses, and the White House should have the opportunity to veto any country’s individual aid. (Although, if we do that I’m betting five bucks the Obama, otherwise known as the Anti-Semite-in-chief, would veto all of Israel’s funding, but while it would mean Israel would go without funding for a year, getting that asshole to show his true colors might be worth it).

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