A quick GOP Presidential score card as it now stands:

It’s too early for polls to be relevant. Right now it’s just weeding the losers out of the field and looking to see who still might enter.

Trump—Not running. Thank god.
Huckabee—Not running. Thank the dear lord almighty for this blessed miracle and deliverance from evil.

Romney—still running. Damn! This moderate in Republican clothes as you will recall came up with the basis for Obama Care and defends the unconstitutional mandate to buy healthcare.

Newt—as of this weekend also backs the unconstitutional mandate. We hope he can leave the party and never come back for all I care.

Ron Paul–A fun guy to have in the legislature, a nightmare to have in the executive branch.

Tim Pawlenty and Mitch Daniels—I keep getting these two mixed up. This is not a good sign for either. I’d critique or praise them, but as I said I don’t exactly find them memorable. ( And I have heard that people from Daniels’ home state think he’s another John McCain, so clearly he’s out).

Herman Cain—Good CEO common sense. However I feel he lacks the charisma needed to win and would rather see him as Secretary of the Treasury or in charge of the FED.

Palin—I think she’ll run for a little while to keep her name out there but isn’t serious because she likes the paychecks too much — Good! She’s a bloody hypocrite and doesn’t deserve any public office.

Santorum—This man feels legislating gays and abortion are more important than the economy and foreign policy. Clearly this man does not belong in any office, let alone the presidency.

Bachman—I hear she’s started raising money and that makes me happy.

Alan West: His name keeps getting thrown around but he hasn’t made any announcement…and while I think one term in the House might not be enough experience before the White House I could live with him in there.

Chris Christie—I would love having him in office, but he won’t run.

John Bolton—I loved this man as Ambassador to the UN; I would love him in the White House.

Giuliani—Run Rudy Run! My dream candidate. God I hope he runs again.

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