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The GOP, Gay Marriage, and the Need To Grow Up

The GOP needs to learn to prioritize

So apparently the Navy will not be going ahead with plans to allow chaplains to marry same sex couples, at least until “don’t ask, don’t tell” is officially ended, which isn’t going to be long. This was due in great part to the complaints of conservative members of Congress.

To these members of Congress I can only ask that they either shut up for the rest of their time in Congress. (Or maybe we should ship them off to the Taliban or Uganda so they’ll be with likeminded people)

Really? Really? With Obama pushing socialist health care down our throats, with the Taliban still well entrenched in Afghanistan, with a third theater of action in Libya, with a massive debt, with a debate over the debt ceiling and cutting costs, with the Obama administration pushing the sub-prime mortgages that were the catalyst for our economic problems (believe me I’ll be talking about this one soon enough), with Obama seeming to edge towards amnesty, with ten-thousand issues that have more relevance on our lives the GOP wants to deal with gay marriage again? What the hell are these people thinking?

From a moral standpoint these idiots just need to grow up. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality. Now, I don’t support gay marriage per-se, but as I’ve stated before I don’t think the government should be sanctioning heterosexual marriage either—it’s a religious institution and the government should have nothing to do with it. Grow up people, this is not an issue.

From a pragmatic standpoint it becomes even worse. First, as I’ve pointed out even if there was some kind moral issue here (which there isn’t) there are a lot of other things that should be taking up Congress’s time. I know, foreign policy and economic stability are so boring, but sadly they’re what we have government for. We don’t have government for telling people what or where they can put their genitals because we are not Iran (also unlike Iran we don’t prosecute people for sorcery). But there is another, and I’ll admit, cynical pragmatic reason why this should not have been brought up. This is not going to win us any votes with the middle ground. This will however do its job at reinforcing the incorrect belief that the GOP is a bunch of psycho fundamentalist bigots. This is particularly annoying to those of us in the GOP who are, you know, sane and do not stay up at night worrying about whether gays can marry. Yeah, that will win elections.

Boehner needs to pull everyone in Congress into a room and make it clear that if it doesn’t deal with the economy, foreign policy, or getting rid of Obama it is not an issue.

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So let me get this straight…
According to liberals,

Waterboarding (which isn’t really torture)= bad

Killing unarmed guy (who I don’t deny deserved it)= good

So when liberals watch 24 it’s the terrorists who are the heroes and Jack Bauer who’s the villain? (Same goes for Magnum Force, was Dirty Harry the bad guy?)

Am I the only one confused?

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