Meditation of the week.

Let’s talk about desires. As I’ve said the 2nd chakra, the sacral chakra is about desires, emotions and thoughts. Now some people would think that somewhere in here I would be suggesting you give up something bad for you, a New Age version of Lent. And if that’s your thing, go for it. However, I’m more into looking at positive than negative.

So this week I want you to do something you know you should want but maybe have been coming up with excuses to avoid.

This is a personal thing but I have three general areas of suggestions. You’re a balance of your body, mind and soul, and often at least one of those things is neglected. For your body yoga and exercise are often neglected. For your mind it’s often reading. For you soul it’s often meditation. If you want to do more of one of those things but just keep coming up with excuses, ignore the excuses this week. I guarantee you’ll feel better.

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