A statement worthy of the Oval Office

“Our message to the Taliban remains the same, but today it may have even greater resonance: you cannot wait us out, you cannot defeat us, but you can make the choice to abandon al Qaeda and participate in a peaceful political process.”

Now that is a great quote. A quote worthy of not just the office of the Presidency, but one that shows that the person who states it has at least an understanding of what an exceptional country America is—not just in terms of military might, but in terms of our ideals and our ethics. It shows that we are not only resolved and committed to our purposes and that we will kick the ass of any tyrant who gets in our way, but that we are extraordinary in our ability to not hold a grudge. We are extraordinary in our ability to put down our guns and talk the minute you are willing you want to talk—but we are idiotic idealists who will talk when we are presented with butchers who only want to fight. When we come across butchers like that we will show them what “he who lives by the sword” really means.

It is a credit to the person who said it.

And yes I am forced to give credit to President Oba—wait, what? Obama didn’t say that? Well damn. That came from his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (once again showing that the Democratic Party made the wrong call in 2008…not that the GOP was making stellar choices either.) No, Obama wanted to give a speech that was narcissistic in emphasizing his very important role in getting Bin Laden (thanks for signing off on that, my general opinion of your lack of character would have put odds at 50/50) and long overly descriptive details of 9/11 (because apparently most of us forgot?)…and while I know not everyone shares my beliefs on this it was overly cowardly to say that we are doing this because our security is threatened. We should be taking on the forces of Islamic extremism, that’s right Barrack, we are at war with the Islamists, not because it threatens us but because it is an affront to the very nature of humanity and opposed to certain inalienable rights like life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness (and yes Barrack, I know you have no idea what document I’m quoting because you’ve never read it) and Islamic extremism is simply the latest version to pop up in our unending war against tyranny that started in 1941. Of course if Islamists suddenly offered Obama a peace treaty where they promised never to harm Americans or American interests again I’m sure Obama would sign it because, after all, we must have peace in our time. And that’s the difference between Obama and a leader. Clinton’s comment suggests real desire for peace, one where the aggressive side (i.e. not us) would have to prove that they sincerely wanted peace and were willing to work toward it. Obama would sign anything away for the appearance of peace, to hell with actual results.

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  1. I find myself wishing Clinton was president more and more everyday. At least she manages to sound like a president when she gives a speech instead of Obama who just says "I did this, I did that, I signed this order. Look at me, I really am important. I really am, I'm not lying."Makes me want to tear my hair out sometimes…

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