He’s Dead.

Bin Laden has shuffled off this mortal coil thanks to the U.S. God Bless the U.S. military. I would have preferred capturing him, trying him and sticking him in solitary for the rest of existence, but you can’t always get what you want. And I will give Obama his due, and congratulate him making the right call. The symbolic head of the snake has been cut off. This will go one of two ways:

Possible outcome #1
Obama will step up as a leader, lead and prosecute this symbolic move to its fullest. We redouble our efforts against the Taliban and the Al-Qaida network and use this as the straw that broke the camel’s back in terms of morale. We use this symbolic move to force Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon to embrace democracy (or in no subtle terms make it clear they will be joining Osama). A win for America and the free world.

Possible outcome #2
Do you remember how all resistance in Iraq disappeared after Saddam was captured? How about when he was executed? No I don’t either. Could either situation have gone far better for us? Yes, but they didn’t because we had an idiot who had no plan with how to deal with the situation in the White House. If Obama does not step up and use the full force of the Defense and State Departments (as Bush did not) this is going to be at best a sum zero (at worst we’ve just given the crazies a new martyr to rally around).

The war on terror is far from over. Anyone who thinks otherwise is utterly naïve.

And while it is certainly not the only variable, to no small degree it is up to Obama’s ability to lead, to make the hard choices, and to put liberty, democracy and freedom ahead of all other objectives that will determine how and when this will end.

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