Meditation of the Week

Balancing the Root and Sacral Chakra

Okay, remember that list you made of everything you want a few weeks ago? Good. Take it out again. You really should have been visualizing it every day, but I understand if life interrupts.

Now what you need to do this week is go over every single item on that list and ask a few questions…
Why do I want this?
Will this make me a better person or a worse person?
Is this desire coming from a desire to improve myself or from a fear of lack of need?
Will this lead me to Happiness?

Obviously if you listed having a massive wine collection you need to ask if you just like the taste of wine and a glass every night that’s fine. If it’s because you’ve got a problem best dealt with in AA, might be best to scratch that item off the list.

Asking yourself why you want something can be very revealing.

Do you want the money because it will allow you the time and freedom to do what you want or just because you think it would be cool? Or worse, because you’re going to show up everyone who ever hurt you?

And if you don’t know what you want to do if you had a billion dollars, I think you need to ask and find the answer to that question.

And let’s be honest, we all have something involving a romantic relationship on our list. If you don’t you’re either in a great relationship, and I congratulate you, or you’re not being honest with yourself. We all want a partner to share this world with…but you need to ask why you are asking for what you’re asking for.

If you’re asking for more than just basic attractiveness and somewhere in your general height bracket in terms of appearance you might want to ask if your shallowness might be indicative of issues you need to work out.

And this need to question whether something should be on your list or not applies especially if you actually name a specific someone. Trust me on this, if you named a specific someone, then you’re thinking about them, which means the law of attraction would have brought them to you if you were meant to be together—the fact that you’re not together is a sign from the universe you shouldn’t be together (this Is especially true if the person has said they don’t want to be with you. If they just didn’t call they don’t think of you one way or another. If they told you not to have any contact with them for two or three years it means they think you’re a borderline stalker and are trying to be polite and hope you’ll just go away). The universe clearly has something else in mind for you and being hung up on what you can’t have will not lead to your happiness.

Now does this mean that you will end up crossing everything off your list? Nope.

You should have the general outline what you want in a partner.
You should want enough money to be comfortable.
You should want a career you enjoy.
I personally want my 10,000 volume library because it calms me to be around so much wisdom and helps me focus…I also want my personal gym because I find having to drive anywhere to be an utter waste of time, time I could be reading or writing.

Hell even the little insignificant things can be fine. Just make sure you want it because it will make you happy and will not hurt your journey to enlightenment.

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