The Random Thoughts of April

As I type this I am two hits away from April being the first month The Conservative New Ager will have 1,000 hits in a month! Granted by internet standards that is very modest, but everyone has to start somewhere.

A thought on this birther mess. First, as I have said before birthers are stupid. However, Obama is partly to blame for making this drag on as long as he did—if he had released the long form back in the campaign this would never have gotten this far. Further, while primary blame belongs with the idiots who believe Obama is not a natural born U.S. citizen, which he is, the liberal movement as a whole is to blame as well. For decades the liberals have ignored all other avenues and used the court system to get their way. Is it any surprise then that some idiots would look for a legal reason to disqualify the man they dislike? This is still stupid because his policies, his arrogance, and his utter lack of intelligence are more than enough to dislike him. I don’t care if you could prove to me he’s an alien from another galaxy, the more important part is still that he’s utterly incompetent at his job. Besides, as Ann Coulter points out, the Clintons were the first ones to look into this and if the Clinton smear machine couldn’t find anything, there was nothing to be found.

While I have never read a Superman comic (or any DC or Marvel comic for that matter), I have little doubt that Nolan and Synder will redeem him, DC Comics move to have Superman give up his U.S. citizenship is a disgusting move on behalf of the comic book company. He stands for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. End of story. I kind of hope DC takes a major hit financially for this and is forced to come up with some BS red kryptonite/evil Superman retcon to redeem themselves.
While I’m sure William and Kate are wonderful people with morals and character (certainly more likable than most of the royals) am I the only person who just doesn’t get what the obsessions is about?

Dear God in heaven do I not want President Trump.
On a similar note, dear God in heaven do I not want Presidents Huckabee, Paul, Palin or Obama. (Is that a full list of losers I don’t want to see in the White House? No.)

Dear God in heaven, I’m okay with President Giuliani, Bachman, West, Christie and Ryan. (Hell I’ll take Hilary, over the current occupant.)

Go see Atlas Shrugged.
Also one wonders why CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC won’t run Atlas Shrugged ads. It’s not that the producers aren’t willing to pay for the spots, they are. And it’s not like any channel that shows Sham Wow commercials can claim they have standards for quality. … must be that these channels are exactly what the right says they are… liberal propaganda machines….on a similar note I always laugh when CNN advertises on FOX News—that is truly the definition of desperate.

How long do people need to remain unemployed before the socialism that began with TARP and continues to this day is declared an unquestionable failure? Just curious.

There are 95 remakes in the works right now by Hollywood. I find the lack of originality unspeakably sad. Weren’t there any books left that could be made into movies? I personally think Destiny’s Knights would make an excellent film.

I’m sure the fact Obama has ignored Texas’ disaster problems while paying attention to Atlanta, Chicago, and California, has nothing to do with the fact that it will be a cold day in Hell that Texas electoral votes go to Obama. Nothing to do with that in the least.

And Coming Soon:

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