Laws the GOP should pass #22: A series of compromises Part: Nuclear Power

I’ll be honest, the bullshit pulled by Obama and the Democrats in Congress this last week with the budget has put me more in a let’s cut every federal department’s budget by half and we won’t put you all (and by all I mean the Republicans who gave in as well) on trial for treason as you all seem hell-bent on destroying this country. However I did have one last compromise to go over. And I know this one is not going to be popular right now, but if you put emotion and irrational fear aside you’ll agree it makes sense.

Nuclear power is the safest and least expensive form of producing power at the moment (at least until high altitude turbines become feasible. Yes there are problems. When GE is selling defective reactors to be placed atop fault lines and tsunami zones that can easily lead to problems. Easy to solve problem. Like don’t build on major fault lines, don’t build next to bodies of waters that can experience tsunami or flood, don’t buy reactors so that half the development team quits in protest because they think it won’t be able to handle the stress of any major disaster. Oh and don’t hire anyone who worked the former Soviet Union. Oh, and have lots and lots of extra coolant on hand just in case of the worst. The coolant thing and where to put them can easily, and logically, be put into law. Where do we store the waste….well we have these fascinating places in America like Death Valley, the Salt Flats, most of Nevada, the wastelands of Anwar, the IRS building in DC, the headquarters for any teachers union, and Vermont. All places where we could stick nuclear waste in thick lined steel rooms without any possible harm to intelligent life (we could even skip the lined rooms for the waste we ship to the teachers unions as a cost cutting measure—I guarantee positive effects to America’s education system). Hell we just put it all on the Southern border of the US—fear alone might help reduce our illegal immigration problem. But while there still need to be stringent controls on safety there is a lot of other BS red-tape that needs to go. Any regulation that doesn’t deal directly with keeping radiation from leaking, transporting waste, ensuring that nuclear reactors can handle any theoretical disaster the area may present, and security for protecting fissionable materials needs to go (trust me 90% of the red tape involved in building a nuclear power plant comes from non relevant issues based on an irrational and false belief that nuclear power plants are the most dangerous things in existence…although they might soon become so if we don’t start shutting down the old ones and replacing them with new ones). Just take a look at this picture. This is all the nuclear power plants in this nation to date. Notice all those power plants in population dense East Coast…and nobody there seems to be dying by the thousands from radiation poisoning.

Now I do have some issues with the ones so close to the Mississippi River and right on the fault lines in California, but otherwise they seem to be spaced in some pretty safe areas (I’m not an expert but as it looks like several plants were in the path of Hurricane Katrina it might be safe to say that hurricanes and tornadoes are not much of a threat to nuclear power plants. We need more of these plants. They produce electricity for pennies on the dollar of coal, gas, and hydroelectric power (and yes that’s after you figure in the costs of building and maintaining the plants). We just need to remove the useless red tape to make it economically feasible for private industry to build these plants. And for getting rid of all this red tape I say we give liberals another 10 cents on the gallon tax on gas (yes that’s on top of the previous tax hike I suggested). Since there is now cheap energy available, electric cars will become far more appealing which will spur real development into making better electric cars that can actually travel long distances. This will in turn lower the need for gas as a main source to power transportation, which as discussed in a previous blog will lower the price of gas to the pretax position but also deprive those pesky oil tyrannies of the money which keeps them in power (ask yourself how annoying Chavez or how evil Gaddafi would be if they had no money?)

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