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Republicans are cowards

So the Republican in Congress, aka gutless wonders with the spines of worms, just caved in and settled for a 38 billion dollar cut to the budget.

38 billion. Less than 1% of the the original cuts.

38 billion. 1/368th of the national debt.

In other words. They did nothing. They made Obama look like he’s willing to compromise, when he’s really willing to screw us all.

Can we just vote in a bunch of libertarians, who, granted, will be out of their minds insane…but how much more insane will they be than people who are willing to let economic problems get worse and worse until the whole damn system collapses.

Republicans need to grow up and make the hard calls they were elected to make.

Democrats need to come back to come back to reality and realize their socialist delusions are impossible to sustain.

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