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Barrack changes his title from President to Imperator

Does this seem right?

Obama signs executive orders that push through net neutrality (a system of laws of questionable constitutionality, and certainly no practical sense).

Congress in response is preparing to pass legislation banning said regulation.
Obama threatens to veto said banning.
So in other words a President can pass any executive order and only a veto proof supermajority of two-thirds of both houses of Congress can overturn him.

Ignore for the moment that this is Obama, or whether you support net neutrality. I want you to think about this in the purely theoretical sense. A president can make laws that it is almost impossible for the legislature to overturn and we all acknowledge the courts are too slow to deal with executive orders as fast as President can write them. Is it just me or does a check or a balance seem to a bit out of whack?
Granted, executive orders are necessary to complete the day to day work of the executive office. But they’re supposed to be issued to help fulfill the laws put in place by Congress….not replace Congress.
Now granted there is nothing in the Constitution on this…but it would seem that if the President and Congress disagree on a law it doesn’t become law…works when it’s a law passed by Congress that the President doesn’t like, should work the opposite way too. I think the best thing to do here would be to amend the Constitution to allow for review of all executive orders by the Senate. However, until then this is dangerous ground that Obama is treading on.
If a President can just issue executive orders without worry that a majority of Congress can overturn his executive order then one man has the power of the executive and the legislative branch in his hands. And given there is a long standing history of the executive branch ignoring the judicial branch (see the presidencies of Jackson and Lincoln) one man would the have all the power of the government at his hands. Isn’t there a word for that, starts with a T, ends in yrant?
I’m not saying Obama is making a grab for dictatorship, but what he is doing is setting incredibly bad precedent. Ask yourself, no matter whether you trust Obama or not, are you willing to say that every President from now until the time you die wouldn’t be the kind of person to abuse power like that?

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