A thought experiment

Before we begin this thought experiment, a disclaimer. If you burn anyone’s holy book intentionally you’re an asshole (burning a trash heap and they just happen to be in there, that’s not intentional). That is a given. No need to really discuss it because the assholishness of the act is self-evident.  It shouldn’t be a crime, but if you do it just to be obnoxious, there is something wrong with you.

Now for our thought experiment.

If I burned a copy of the Tao Te Ching, how many Taoist do you think would riot?

If I shredded the a copy of the Bhagavad Gita how many Hindus do you think would threaten to kill me?

If I drew insulting cartoons of Darwin, would the FBI show up at my door telling me I need to disappear or risk being killed by atheists?

If I submerged a copy of the Bible in feces, how many Christians would actually kill innocent people because they were so outraged by my act?

If I destroy a copy of the Torah how many Jews would scream ‘death to America’?

Just a thought experiment.

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