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Mediation of the week: Last Root Chakra Meditation

The root chakra is associated with earth and the physical. This can be bad if you’re filled with fear and lead to avarice and a lot of other unpleasant expressions of imbalance. One of the good ways reestablish a balanced connection with the world, and by extension the universe, is to spend some time in nature.
Ideally I would suggest walking around barefoot on grass for five to ten minutes every day. While you do envision a light going up from the earth into your body, clearing the spinning chakra at the base of your spine and then continuing up your spine. As you walk around try to repeat to yourself that you’re balanced and in harmony with the material world, that you have everything you want, and that you have no fears about receiving the abundance in your life.
If grass isn’t an option, stand by a tree and hold onto it. Find some form of nature. If you have to buy a houseplant, that can work as an option if no other avenue presents itself.

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