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March Random Thoughts

This has to be one of the worst months in the history of the presidency. Remember when Rahm said “never let a crisis go to waste”? I will grant that there was a certain cynicism in that line, but the underlining premise is that every major problem is an opportunity to show leadership and push for what you believe in.

Japan. Radiation. Nuclear Power. Revolutions. Dissident Crackdowns. The Economy. The Budget. Anything. Obama has showed he is not a leader. Dictator in Egypt. Indifferent. Dictator in Libya. Eh. Then Bad. Then Must Go. Dictator in Syria. Good. Huh? I realize there are pragmatic issues to worry about that sometimes trump consistency. I realize we can’t take on the whole world at once. But could we at least demonstrate some sanity in our choices. I’m beginning to see that, as always, Republicans in Congress will never fight to defend the issues and ideals their constituents support.
So Sarah Palin’s show got $1.2 Million in pork from Alaska. Yeah she’s a real Tea Party reformer…oh wait no she’s just another cheap politician who will do anything for a dime.
I like Michelle Bachman, I don’t agree with her 100% of the time, but I like how she will not back down on what she believes in. That being said I hope she is not so impractical as to not realize that her exploratory committee and possible run is, at this point, going to only be symbolic (and at best a play for the V.P. position) as I just don’t see her getting enough general support (of course I would not be too disappointed if I was proven wrong here).
Run, Rudy, Run. We need you.
I am disappointed that Atlas Shrugged is not getting a large release on April 15. Follow this link, find out where it is playing near you and go see it. This movie needs to make enough that it gets a wide release if for no other reason than we need parts II and III made. http://www.atlasshruggedpart1.com/theaters

It warms the cockles of my heart to see that the SEIU is finally being rightfully compared to the mafia it is with this latest RICO suit. In just a couple of months my new book “Republicans and Reincarnation: The Conscience of a New Age Conservative” hits the shelves. Yay!!!! More information coming soon!!!

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