Laws the GOP should pass #19: A Series of Compromises #4 End Tenure

Here’s another compromise no sane person would deny. 1.) Get rid of teacher tenure. 2.) End all federal income taxes for all teachers…we can also skip the taxes on cops, firefighters and military personnel…IRS employees and other worthless excuses for humans can pay triple if we want to really be fair. I’ve already paid my taxes for the year, but as we get closer and closer to April 15th my vitriol against the IRS is likely going to build. Fair warning.

But back to my compromise. Laws the GOP should pass #19: A Series of Compromises #4

Tenure in public schools is one of the worst ideas you could possibly think of. Now, while tenure is a very important part of college as it protects the academic inquiry that is the responsibility of academia at that level, notice that tenure is a very difficult thing for any college professor to earn. However the “don’t get fired for three years and you have a lifelong job no matter how abysmal your performance” style of tenure used in public education is insane. I agree that there should probably be more protection for a teacher than having their contract being in danger every new school year, but that doesn’t mean that it applies to the performance of a teacher. I guarantee that a third of the teachers out there would be fired in a millisecond for gross incompetence if tenure were not protecting their utterly worthless asses. I’m serious, at least 33% of all teachers out there at bare minimum deserve to fired this very instant they are so bad at their jobs and so detrimental. I will remind you of that all important line in Waiting for ‘Superman’ that said we just fired the worst 6% of teachers we would be at the same level of Finland which is the top rated country in the world for education. (Oh, and in doing some research for this article I saw several liberals claiming that Waiting for ‘Superman’ said we should fire the worst 6-10% every year. Actually if we fire the idiots the first time and replace them with intelligent people then we wouldn’t have to fire nearly as many next year. Keep in mind it is often dealing with pathetically stupid colleagues that burns out a lot of good teachers. We just have to fire the morons once and keep them out). After all if a teacher is good at what they do, why do they need life long tenure…shouldn’t the track record of results allow them to keep or their job, or even in the worse cases, get a new one? Tenure only protects the idiots.

And for this we’re going to offer you more money. Give or take depending on your tax bracket this could come out to nearly a 40% raise because you won’t have to pay taxes. (And we should give the same income tax break to police, firefighters, and the military as they also serve an equally important public service…and I don’t think anyone’s budget is going to be broken by not collecting tax revenue from these sources. This will also attract a far higher quality of candidates into the teaching position as now the compensation is so much more appealing so it will now no longer be the bizarre dichotomy between 20% doing it not because of the money but because to them it ranks up there with breathing on the scale of things they need to do, and the other 80% who are looking for easy money and summers off. Now we can get some middle ground people who are actually interested in money, but also interested in earning that money.

Now let’s see who would oppose more money at the cost of being fired if you’re an idiot? Only idiots who only have a job because tenure keeps them from being fired. There is no other group that can reasonably defend tenure. My favorite people, the Teachers Unions (who are probably the only people in the universe to rank below IRS agents and defense lawyers …can you tell how much I hate the Teachers Unions) are the biggest defenders of tenure. I wonder why? It probably isn’t because all of their members are spectacular teachers as their propaganda would want you to believe.

Get rid of tenure, give teachers more money. No reasonable, intelligent, ethical human being could seriously be against this compromise.

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