Meditation of the Week

We continue the mediations on the first chakra this week with a chant. Yes there is chanting involved in these meditations—don’t roll your eyes. Everything in the universe nothing but little bits of vibrating energy. Hence certain sound can effect that vibration and help move that to a more desirable frequency. You should still visualize everything you want 2 to 3 times a day but for five minutes each day you should engage in this chant.

With your thumb and index finger connected, arms out to the side repeated the following sound for as long as you can for a single exhaled breath: LAM. That should be pronounced as three separate sounds, spend time on the sound of each letter, followed by a brief silence before you inhale and repeat the chant. Focus only on the sound and nothing else.

Five minutes in the morning. Every day this week—after that every five minutes every Monday will help focus the first chakra every week.

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