Some question about our current actions in Libya

Now, I will not deny that I have advocated for intervention in Libya. I have. But I also believe that action that is not planned, deliberate and directed to a specific, thought out, objective can often cause more harm than good (the aftermath of WWI and Afghanistan are just two examples that come to mind). And I want the Libyan revolution to succeed, and I want our forces to play a positive roll in ousting Gaddafi and in helping to create a classically liberal democratic nation in Libya.
Obama is not exactly instilling me with hope that he knows or even cares to fight a war the way it should be fought. But before I get to Obama, let me deal with people whom I find even more annoying…

Anti-War protesters. Talk about a worthless cross-section of humanity. This is one of the few groups that I can say I detest more than Atheists (although maybe not as much as the Westboro Baptist Church). Why do I hate anti-war protesters? Mainly because they’re morons! So you’re anti-war, here’s a newsflash morons; every human being on Earth who is sane is anti-war. However those of who are sane (i.e. not anti-war protesters) also realizes that as bad as war is, there happen to be some things worse than war. Tyranny, genocide, oppression, slavery, legally enforced misogyny, communism, fascism, reality TV. And because these things are far, far worse than war itself, the use of war to stop these things becomes the lesser of two evils.

Now does that mean to be opposed to any war means you’re an idiot? No. You can be opposed to any war on ethical grounds or on pragmatic grounds. The problem is that America hasn’t fought an ethically questionable war in over a century (even the few that do come up are in the minority). American’s don’t fight for conquests or to oppress (usually). We fight to protect our rights and we fight to protect the rights of others. Only a handful of countries in the last century have as spectacular a record for ethics in fighting wars as does America. So to claim that we fight for oil, or land, or “hegemony” (what kind of pompous ass uses words like that?) is so stupid it nearly borders on aid and comfort to the evils we are opposed.
And while there are pragmatic issues on whether or not we should be involved in a war (like we’re already spread too thin in two other countries) I’m not hearing this from the anti-war protesters. No, these people are attacking the use of military force because they believe that, at its heart, America is evil and needs to be stopped.

If you have legitimate objections to a war, raise them, they may be valid, if you are just against war period, you’re an idiot and the kind of person that allows dictators to thrive.

Now, onto my complaints against Obama and this current war. For any war to not be a waste of time it needs several things. A purpose. A plan for how to win the war. A plan for how to rebuild after the war. A leader.

Afghanistan and Iraq are miserable hellholes because Bush didn’t have a plan for how to rebuild. No plan whatsoever. But for better or worse we had the other three.

Obama doesn’t seem to know why we’re there. If it was to spread democracy we might have come in when the rebels had a chance. If it was oil we would just let Qadaffi stay in power and ignore the whole situation. If was for human rights we would have come in long ago. I want the spread of democracy. I want dictators to be destroyed. I’ll even take actions that further my goals but are not carried out for the same reason…but right now we don’t have a purpose, an objective, a mission, or a goal. We have a no fly zone over a country that doesn’t have an Air Force to speak of. Huh? Could we bomb somebody? Make it look like we’re doing something. Kaddafi has tanks. Could we at least bomb the hell out of those? Please. Do something. Anything.

A plan to win? We don’t even know why we’re going, nor does any other nation. So to hell with having any sort of plan of what to do. Goes without saying that a plan for rebuilding is not present or relevant if we’re not getting rid of Gaddafi.

How about a leader? It’s not a good sign when nobody wants to be in charge. It usually means that any project is failed when no one wants to be in charge even before it begins. Which is the saddest thing. If we went in and killed Kadaffi, destroyed the troops that were loyal to him (I get the feeling after he’s dead there won’t be as many as there are when he’s alive) and then send in NATO peacekeepers it wouldn’t be the hardest place in the world to modernize.

There are about a thousand possible things we could do, least of all we should do, that would be better than this pointless dithering about who is in charge of a plan to do nothing. Actually coming out and saying we’re doing nothing would actually be better. This bizarre limbo state Obama has put our military in is beyond comprehension and certainly unforgivable for someone in the Oval Office.

I can only hope the Republican Party doesn’t completely blow this and nominate Palin, or some other idiot who will hand the office back to this moron for another 4 disastrous years.

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  1. Things of unimportant nature:- As soon as I read 'Anti-war protesters' the majority of the opinions you voiced were thoughts that ran through my head, and the Westboro Baptist Church was probably the first thing I thought of, ridiculous people they are…- I spent most of this post thinking "Yes! Exactly! That's how I feel!" – I found the deliberate continuity errors in the spelling of Gaddafi rather amusing. Probably because of your mention in a previous post about it.Things slightly more important (only slightly, though):Brilliant! And spot on!(Yeah, that's it, not much of a contribution to further a discussion of the issue, but true nonetheless)

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