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Carter should be happy he won’t go down as the worst President ever

France and the UN are proving to be more ethical than the US.

That line alone should fill you with disgust. The fact that it’s true is even worse. France is calling for air strikes against Libya. The UN has approved them (and remember the UN Security Council has a long history of sheltering tyranny). Hillary Clinton appears to be demanding them behind the scenes (what kind of sick world are we in where a Clinton is our moral compass?)…

…and all this time Obama dithers. I am certainly not the first, nor will I be the last to point out that Obama’s recent behavior has been beyond pathetic, but it needs to be repeated.

I may not have approved of the cynicism of Rohm’s statement that you should never let a disaster go to waste, but Obama seems to be taking the exact opposite tack now.
Instead of appearing as leader, making a statement, doing something, ANYTHING about Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, Japan (I could go on) we are only occasionally getting a sanctimonious statement here and there and nothing that even resembles action.

I will admit that often there are lots of moves and negotiations going on behind the scenes that the public doesn’t know about (Wikileaks more than proves this) but even if Obama is doing work behind the scenes (which I somehow doubt) he forgets that one of the chief tools and chief responsibilities of the presidency is the bully pulpit. A president needs to look presidential. A president needs to be there and say that ‘We are America, we will do what is right, we may not have all the answers but we will act as best we can.” Not, you know, talk about women’s history month in his radio address and fill out his pick for March Madness.

It is in times of stress of and disaster that people’s true character comes out. With nations in rebellion against tyranny, with Japan in desperate need of help, with our own problems here at home….what has this shown us about Obama’s character?

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