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Weekly Meditation

I’m a little late with this week’s meditation, but that’s okay because this one is going to need to take some time (like over a week’s worth of time).
We started clearing away the negative energy from the first chakra last week. Today we begin to build positive energy.
Make a list of every physical thing that you want. Take some time on this. Not every random whim but everything you want. In detail. Describe your dream house, all of its possessions, your dream job. How much money you want to have in reserve. Every major vacation, every building you want to visit, every piece of art you have always wanted to see. Not just a bucket list of things to do, but a wish list of everything you want. The car. The dream job. The clothes. The hobbies. Everything—in detail.
Take your time. Write it down. If it’s less than a page, then you’re either not trying or you’re a saint. (Look at a glass of water, if you can’t turn it into a cabernet, make it a longer more detailed list).
No human relationships. Those are important but we’re worrying about the physical now (that’s more the 3rd and 4th chakras anyway).
Now you need to spend 10 minutes a day envisioning what you want. Don’t think of it as a still frame. Imagine yourself in a movie, moving through your dream house, doing your dream job, on your dream vacation. Keep the image detailed and moving. 10 minutes a day minimum. Ideally work up to three times a day. For the next week and a half.

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