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Laws the GOP should pass #16 : A Series of Compromises Part 1

So it occurred to me that given the fickleness of the middle of America (you know that 10% percent that doesn’t ever seem to have an opinion until they vote, or the fact that about 70% think Walker’s benefits cuts to unions are fair but only 40% think that they should get rid of collective bargaining….meaning 30% are not putting it together that these two things are connected) the GOP should make some very public compromises on the less important stuff, but still get what we want. So here is my first compromise.

(And before I get to what it actually is, if you consider yourself a Republican and have a problem with this, your priorities are so far out of balance you need to never get within 50 feet of a voting box…especially during primary season.)

This is going to be one of those rare times I’m going to suggest an amendment to the Constitution but nothing short of an Amendment will suffice. This proposed amendment should read:

(1) As a person’s body belongs to themselves and the government has no right to tell a legal adult what to do with their body, the right of a woman to seek and receive an abortion during the first two trimesters of a pregnancy shall not be infringed upon or prohibited by law.

(2) While abortion may be a right, the government is in no way obligated to pay for it. Congress, the executive branch, or any lower state or city government may not pass a law that will spend taxpayer money or divert taxpayer money to further or fund abortions.

There now everyone gets what they want. (I’m sure the lawyers will word it differently but you get the general idea). We make the right to an abortion a Constitutional right (and don’t whine about the two trimester thing, even current Supreme Court rulings allow for restrictions to that) but we as taxpayers no longer have to fund it.

Republicans get that we are no longer wasting money on this. Democrats get a constitutional right that can’t be revoked by who is sitting on the Supreme Court. Everyone comes out a winner.

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