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Weekly Meditation: The Root Chakra 1

We begin our journey through the chakras with the first chakra: The root chakra.

Usually the root chakra is depicted in Hindu symbology as a red disk with four petals. I will skip the meaning of the symbology as it is not absolutely necessary for our discussion here….however if it helps to visualize something during your meditation a round circle about the size of a large dinner platter spinning counter-clockwise parallel to the spine.

This chakra is where thoughts, feelings, and the energy related to physical abundance (wealth, money, and property), physical safety and basic health needs reside. Think of the bottom rung of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs (in fact you may want to go look this up as we’re going to be referencing this often in this series of meditations).

Negative or positive energy can build up in the chakras. When the chakra is full of positive energy it attracts the benefits of this form of energy (in this case health, security, and lots of material stuff). When negative energy, caused by negative thoughts and actions that deal with this form of energy, builds up it causes the exact opposite of what you want with this form of energy (i.e. poverty, illness*, consistent accidents).

You might think that if you’re trying to be a spiritual person and have a better relationship with God, why should you worry about physical abundance? Well, because if you’re loaded down with worries about paying the rent, getting the kids braces, trying to ignore the empty stomach and dealing with the flu, then meditating on the higher levels isn’t going to work all that well. This will clear out much of the negative energy in this chakra. Do this every day and it will provide the ground work to build a strong source of positive energy in this chakra.

So for this week we’re first going to try and clear out a lot of the negative energy (yes we’re going to be spending several weeks on each chakra). So this week let’s focus on what’s already right in your life. I want you to make a mental list of everything you like about your body, your health, your job, your house, and anything else you own. Focus on everything you like. Not what you want. Do not focus on what you don’t like. But focus on what you like about your physical life right now.

*Illness can actually manifest due to negative energy in any of the chakras. Illness is actually one of the universe’s most efficient ways of telling you need to meditate more. But it can have other meanings too.

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