Friday Reading

It’s been a good week for news and opinion articles even if I haven’t been at my best for posting.

Obama’s Moral Concession to Evil by Peter Wehner. The title is kind of a no-brainer to anyone who’s been watching the news for the last three years but it’s a good article.

‘Waiting for Superman’ Exposes Human Cost of Collective Bargaining on America’s Schoolchildren by John Nolte

Democracy Virus Has Dictators Fretting by Erich Follath

Why bad teachers survive. This just looks at how bad the system is in Illinois (remind me what idiot President came from there?) but trust me if unions exist in any state it is this hard.

Socialist Mantra Hidden in Grade School Chants by Mike Opelka. I’ll grant that there is nothing here to describe how much of this offensive product they’re selling, but just the fact that they think they can get away with this idiot drivel is frightening.

Why is the Associated Press Pushing to Make Names of Gun Owners Public? By Greg Gutfeld

Goldman Sachs Model Evokes Blood-Sucking Leeches by Caroline Baum. More on why the liberal vision of economics is just wrong.

To Surly, With Love: Are Teacher’s Overpaid

‘Waiting for Superman’: Our Children Should Be A Priority Not the ‘Collective Bargaining’ That Harms Them by Dana Commandatore. I love the idea of having everyone in America see this film…and I agree if everyone did see “Waiting for Superman” people would be taking to the streets shouting for union blood.

More fun showing Paul Krugman is an idiot….And Wisconsin teachers unions maybe racist depending on how you want to interpret the data.

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