Death of A Thousand Cuts

“No single raindrop believes it is responsible for the flood”

So a few people emailed me to complain that my suggestion that elected officials stop taking retirement benefits above and beyond what the rest of us get. They said that it was a meaningless suggestion as it wouldn’t be enough to solve the budget problems. To this I have two responses. First, that I was quite clear it wouldn’t solve the budget problems and that is was a symbolic move more than anything else. Secondly, I would like to quote a friend of mine:

“I’m tired of people saying that the proposed budget cuts are ‘drops in the bucket’ at the state or federal level. A lot of drops will FILL THE BUCKET. You have to start somewhere and trim fat no matter how small – it will make it more likely that we keep the meat.”

Quite frankly if Congress, every state legislature, every county, every city took this attitude of a death of thousand cuts to their budgets and every day came in looking for a couple million, hell even a couple thousand dollars, to be cut every day…hmmm….let’s guess how long our budget problems would last?
Logically they wouldn’t last all that long. However, no rational person has ever accused the Democratic party of being logical. Case in point: Wisconsin. We all know that unions have outrageous benefits and give us nothing in return. We all know these retirement plans are obscene, and so Walker wants them to pay for some of it (heaven forbid that you pay for something that you want!) but the Democrats are staging protests as if Constitutional rights are being violated.

Another case in point. NPR and PBS. Many liberals like to bitch that we need to fund these things. Why? They like to say that it provides quality news reports that aren’t biased…but these are the same people who say the general media isn’t biased to the left, so that point is out. (In case you’re wondering, yes I do believe FOX News is biased to the right, but the difference is that people on FOX will challenge people on the left on their idea instead of name calling). Then there’s the argument that we need shows like Sesame Street. Bull. As a teacher let me tell you there is no show in existence more abhorrent than Sesame Street. Nothing has contributed as much to ADD instant gratification bratty children more than that crappy show (okay, bad parenting has contributed, but it was bad parenting that let children watch that excuse for a show). Trust me if there is anything remotely decent on PBS or NPR, the private sector will pick it up very quickly. (Five bucks says the private sector won’t pick up much). But Democrats in Washington are raising holy-hell over the proposals to cut funding to these worthless organizations as if the government was the only group funding these groups and as if this was on the level of overturning laws against murder.

My point is that while the GOP needs to get off some of its stupid legislation (i.e. anything dealing with homosexuals or abortion) and start cutting everything with a machete, the Democrats need to either return to the reality where every state and the federal government are massively in debt. Now if they want to return to sanity and start making deals like “we’ll give you this cut for closing this tax loophole” I’m actually okay with that. But that would require them to deal in a sane reality. Something I don’t think I can ever attribute to Democratic politicians.


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2 responses to “Death of A Thousand Cuts

  1. But…what if no channels pick up the British comedies… I will be said. :'(Nah, I can just buy them on DVD. Otherwise, great post. Made a lot of sense as usual.

  2. This is why they created Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Streaming (and whatever comes next), you can have all the British programming you want.

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