Weekly Meditation

For this week’s mediation I’m going to be starting a much longer series on meditations designed to clear the energy in our chakra centers.

For those of you who may be familiar with the idea of chakra; they are centers of our spiritual body, attached to our physical body that deal with certain kinds of thoughts and feelings. While there are some systems that include numerous listings of chakras, most systems focus on the seven main chakras that go up your spine.
The root chakra at the base of the spine which deals with issues of security and abundance. The sacral chakra about three inches above that deals with our desires and wants. The solar plexus chakra that deals with feeling of power and control over our own life. The heart chakra which deals with feelings of love and concern. The throat chakra deals with our ability to express ourselves. The third eye chakra with our ability to see the world as it really is. And the crown chakra at the top of the skull deals with our connection to the divine.

I will go over these in more detail in the coming weeks, but for this week I want you to meditate on these centers, focus you attention on each of the seven and try to envision and feel a rotating disk at each of these points. Ask whatever higher power you believe in that any blocks in any of these points be removed through the help of that higher power. You should do this three times a day for at least five minutes each time. Try and become familiar with these centers and try to see if you can bring the energy of each center into the focus of your conscious mind.

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