Random thoughts for February.

We’re ending what has been a rather eventful month and while I would love to deal with each of these following issues in their own blog I feel I should at least say a short something on them before they cease to be news.

Whatever happened to Tunisia? Or that new country that used to be Sudan? I’ve checked Fox, CNN, the Drudge, RealClearPolitics, RealClearWorld, Washington Times, all seem to be blank. Yes, Egypt and Libya are big news. But how new governments are faring in Africa might give us some better idea of how the latest round of insurrections are going to turn out. This is actually a big problem with all of American foreign policy: we get bored. We deal with something while it seems important, but like an ADD child, flip to something else when it no longer seems really interesting even though that’s when it really needs our attention and care. Don’t believe me go back and watch “Charlie Wilson’s War” and ask yourself how bad off Afghanistan would be today if in the 90’s we had spent money on roads, schools, hospitals, and other basics of infrastructure in the country. Do you think the Taliban would have taken over? Do you think we’d be wasting so much in military expenditures right now if we had just kept our eyes on the long term solution and not just drifted off to the newest problem of the week?

And while mentioning Egypt. Why are you people so happy? We traded a military dictator for…a military dictatorship…a military dictatorship which threw out the country’s constitution. Which is now allowing Iranian military to use the Suez. Which God knows what they’ll do next week. I’m sorry but I’ve seen nothing yet to convince me that they simply will not be any different from Mubarak.

Can the media please find a way to agree on how to spell G/Kh/Quadaffi? Please. Is it that really hard? I understand that Anglicanizing Arabic words isn’t an exact science, but is it that hard to pick one and run with it?

It’s a little sad that Libya’s representative in the UN condemned Gaddafi before Obama did. Was it really that hard to decide on where you stood on the Gaddafi issue Barrack? The man has been our enemy since the 1980’s. This shouldn’t be a hard one. If this were a longer blog there would be lots of Neville Chamberlain comparisons, but I assume you can fill those in yourself.
Say what you will about Bush’s foreign policy—he had one. It might not have been well planned out, but it was a policy…and not, you know, changing statements every time the tides change like some presidents.

The real revolt to watch is the Chinese crackdown on dissidents right now. If China goes the way of the Mideast it will be a moment as important as the fall of the Berlin Wall. … … If it goes under do we still owe money to whoever takes over? (If we have to pay somebody I say we maintain all that money goes to Tibet).

On that note, even though China’s bought a lot of our debt, one would think with the millions of government sanctioned copyright and proprietary secret violations China commits, if we were to ever actually collect on the fines their government owes us….well you get where that line of thought is going…

The definition of sad: Obama dropping his defense of the Defense of Marriage Act. It’s not sad because I support the bill, I really don’t, but it’s his clear motives. He’s just desperately trying to lock down a voting bloc he will need in 2012. Yet he can’t actually come out and say he supports gay marriage because that will lose another voting bloc. Cynical and cowardly. In my experience, people I know who are homosexual are a lot brighter than to fall for this kind of pathetic move.

Oh and what idiot in the Press Secretary’s office approved the words “grappling” in saying that Obama is grappling with his views on gay marriage? Granted, any jokes on that word choice would be immature and rather sad. But my point here is that media relationship experts would also generally advise you to not put yourself in the position to allow such associations to be made. In context it’s a perfectly acceptable and accurate word (if it was true, I somehow doubt Obama doesn’t actually stand on one side or the other)…however in the subconscious association game that is media relations the words “grapple” and “gay marriage” should never be in the same sentence. Clearly this new press secretary is as much of an idiot as the last one.

Finally, the fact that “Waiting for Superman” is not nominated for best documentary shows you that Hollywood is about as insanely liberal and in bed with corrupt unions. Also Chris Nolan not getting best director is a travesty.


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3 responses to “Random thoughts for February.

  1. You're right that we are too smart to fall for this DOMA thing…well some of us are. For me, gay marriage isn't the most important thing for me in politics right now…I could care less about the whole situation at this point.Why did we ever expect Hollywood to do the reasonable and unquestionably right thing when it comes to Nolan's films…I feel bad for him. He should have gotten best director.The press needs to stop using words like "grapple" and "probe" in relation to ANY story that might possibly have to do with sex…seriously, I'm a mature (relatively) adult and even I can't help making jokes about those headlines…

  2. One small point: the Suez canal is supposed to be free and open to all vessels, of every country, by a treaty that dates back to 1888. The treaty also prohibits blockades. So while the Iranian ships are a provocation, and possibly carrying weapons for Hezbollah, they have a legal right to cross into the Mediterranean. Egypt doesn't have too much choice considering what happened the last time they tried to block off the canal.

  3. There are treaties and there are pragmatic realities. Pragmatic realities have clearly changed from what they were just a few months ago.

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