Another Friday Reading Selection

With Unions Follow the Money
Are they overpaid?
Yes. Yes they are. And they’re a bunch of goddamn whiners to boot. (What 29 year old complains they can’t get a home loan? Nobody can get a home loan right now. Grow up!) BTW I live in Phoenix, one of the cheaper areas in the country to live in and every cost of living calculator I could find said it was slightly cheaper to live in Wisconsin, so keep that in mind when these people are bitching about their $46,000 a year and obscene benefits being not enough.

Krugman’s Third World Fantasy—because it’s always fun to point out the Paul Krugman is Lord and High King of the Idiots.
One Chart that Tells You Everything You Need to Know about State and Local Government Pay
End ‘last in, first out’ teacher layoffs. Any time Michelle Rhee has something to say, we should all listen.

Reckless Spending

And in the same vein

More stuff on how much Wisconsin teachers suck.

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