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Everybody needs to return to sanity or Get your priorities straight

Everybody needs to return to sanity or Get your priorities straight.It is now utterly apparent to me that everyone is going insane. How is this different than normal? Well usually everybody is just stupid, but recent events are pushing this way beyond stupidity.

On the liberal side… how about legislators running away because they know they’re going to lose, or the union protests with their Marxist overtones. My personal favorite in all of this is I’m seeing many of these libs chant “power to the people” even though the majority of the people in Wisconsin: 1.)Voted in the conservatives who want to strip unions of their unethical right to bully and 2.) Support the governor and the legislature in following through on this…so apparently to liberals “the people” only mean people who vote for democrats. So, they’re crazy.

But I want to point out absolute insanity on the right more than on the left today. Last week I saw on a friend’s blog that a Republican in Georgia is trying to pass a bill to investigate if miscarriages are legitimate or actually abortions and prosecute offenders…if that left you going “huh?” you’re not alone. But I thought, hey, it must be one crazy legislator in Georgia. But then my wacky state, Arizona, is trying to have a bill passed that will outlaw abortions based on race and/or gender. And how exactly are we going to enforce that? Arizona can do some wacky things, but usually there’s method to the madness (like the current bill that denies citizenship to the children of illegals…they knew it was unconstitutional when they passed it, they’re trying to force this to go to the Supreme Court so the court can change its interpretation on the 14th Amendment, because, let’s be honest here, we all admit that when the 14th was written nobody in Congress or any of the states intended it to be used in this way). But there’s no method to this, just madness. And then there’s the fact that quite a few states are pushing for laws that are going to ask to see Obama’s birth certificate before they put him on the ballot…really guys? I mean yes it’s quite justifiable to loathe this man’s very existence (I personally can’t wait for the trial on charges of treason), but come on, is this the best we can do in opposition?

Clearly the right is going insane. This insanity is based on an inability to get their priorities straight (actually the right in this sense may always have been insane). Yeah let’s worry about abortion because we don’t have major foreign policy issues and major economic issues. Those apparently aren’t the biggest things to worry about, no let’s worry about abortion. How can anyone be this out of their mind? States should be worrying about slashing their budgets, cutting the fat, making their regulations attractive to business and suing the federal government over healthcare. All economic issues. After that states should be concerned with education standards and this growing illegal immigrant problem. Maybe ten thousand points after this abortion might be a relevant issue to debate, maybe but not likely. (Of course the left is just as insane on this issue as they’re bitching to no end about the government ending federal funding to Planned Parenthood as if doing so will outlaw abortion…are there no private donors for Planned Parenthood? Is this really the issue to go to the mat over? Federal funding of what should be a private institution not beholden to the government in any way?) For the federal government all those issues above plus, oh I don’t know, maybe something involving foreign policy….perhaps sending a carrier group to the waters around Israel to remind the Iranians to watch their step. And maybe we could decide to actually fight a war and at the same time rebuild Afghanistan…or just leave. At this point I’m okay with either, but this standing in the middle crap and not picking one of those two is just pointless. But guess what, for the federal government, abortion (aside from cutting spending in that area, as all useless expenditures should be cut) is also something where down there on the list of things to get around to, really far down there.

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