Democrats in Wisconsin are corrupt cowards

If you have been paying attention to the news you know that Wisconsin is about to do something very, very good. It’s about to strip unions of their unethical, unconstitutional, and soon to be beautifully illegal, ability to strong arm bargaining power and force contracts no insane person would accept if they were not legally required to follow such insanity. And lest we not forget that the three biggest unions alone donated $170 million dollars to the Democrats in the last elections alone. It’s a nice little system, Democrats make laws giving unions fiat power over negotiations, and unions pay to have Democrats keep their seats with the money they bilk from corporations. And the public gets the bill in taxes for public employee salaries and in higher costs from the private sector. Crony capitalism is bad…crony socialism is worse.

But now Wisconsin is set to strip unions of some of their powers (although it’s still going to be a closed shop state, so no one in Wisconsin yet has the liberty to opt out of a union…a major infringement on the right to pursue happiness). So all the unions are rushing the state. 1,100 teachers called in sick and shut down a school. Cleary these teachers don’t give a rat’s ass about their students, only their ill gotten pay check. Personally I say fire all these teachers, strip them of their teaching credentials and blacklist them. They clearly do not care about their students, and thus clearly are not fit to be in a classroom. These are the scum we saw so clearly presented in all their incompetence in “Waiting for Superman” and they need to go. These are the ones who could not do, so they thought they would teach.

The same goes for the rest of these useless excuses we call public employees who are boycotting in the state capital.

Notice that while the state capital is filled with protesters, I have yet to see a single quote from any article on this subject that came in support of the unions from someone who was not in a union—i.e., the public is in support of stripping these losers of their hostage negotiating tactics.
And you know that there is no rational argument against stripping the unions of their powers, because Democrats of the legislature of Wisconsin have done what cowards who have no rational argument behind them can only do. They ran. They left the state. Rather than make an argument, rather than stand with the protestors, they will stop the vote by running away. If the vote is that clearly in favor of passage, could it be that this is what the public wanted, that they wanted budgets balanced and sanity restored to negotiations; that they wanted the corrupt system of union bullying to be put in its place where the tax payer is put first and not the public servant. Democrats like talking about the power of the people and the people’s voice…unless, you know, it happens to disagree with them.

Whether or not the Democratic members of the Wisconsin Senate will stand reelection next time round or not, it does not change the fact that they are corrupt, they are clearly siding with corrupt organizations against the Wisconsin public, and that they are cowards for not even trying to engage in debate (civil or otherwise). In other words, they’re Democrats.

For another perspective follow the below links. (You need to look at them in order)

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