Democrat lying reaches new heights.

Public Policy Polling (PPP) a Democrat leaning polling firm has released a new poll saying most Republicans are birthers. This would be a truly sad fact if it were a fact…however just some basic studies of polling will tell you that PPP isn’t the most reliable of sources. First it’s funded by the Democratic Party and has a track record of skewing their data.

The next part is that PPP on their website likes to tout that they were one of the most accurate firms in the nation according to the Wall Street Journal. They even have a scanned portion of the paper in there to show that. One has to wonder why they scanned the little graph in and not, you know, linked a whole article. I don’t have access to WSJ archives, but I’ll bet you anything that the whole report was a bit more complex and less complimentary of PPP. Also even in their cherry picked chart it says they were the 2nd most accurate in 7 states. 7. 7 out of 50. That’s 14% if you used a calculator, but I’m sure if PPP did a poll most of the people they asked would say it’s closer to like 50%.

Oh and when I click over to it becomes even more interesting. They only poll registered voters (i.e. they don’t know how to work up a model for likely voters) and the last general poll they released said that the Democrats would keep or gain seats in House. Way to call that one guys!

Oh and if you still have a slight belief that this poll might be accurate, it also says that Mike Huckabee is the leading candidate for Republicans, which I haven’t heard anything close to that in any recent poll.

Now I have no doubt that most birthers are in the Republican Party right now, and that all of them are idiots. But 51% of Republicans? That sounds more like propaganda trying to portray any opposition to the President as being based on racism and stupidity and not, you know, on that fact that he’s incompetent and his ideas are insane.

I could be wrong, but this particular poll is not making me lose what little hope I had left for the party.

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