Friday reading…

Most of the media coverage this week has been on Egypt, and I think most of it is pointless discussion until we find out who is going to be on top when the dust settles…but here are some of the other interesting tidbits from this week…

Oh, dear lord. Obama thinks he’s Reagan.

Hope that the Republican Party will be giving up its concern for meaningless social issues (after all it appears only the John Birch Society, Jim DeMint, and Sarah Palin are not catching on).

Reaganomics: What We Learned by Arthur B. Laffer

Why the Muslim Brotherhood should scare you

A look at that helpful thing called government regulation

A look at so-called Islamophobia

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  1. I know you told me you were going to link to my post, but seeing it there makes me kinda squeal in glee…really, it's like I'm at a sci-fi convention and I just met Spock…that kind of squealing.

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