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Obama, Possessive Pronouns, and God

“When Michelle and I hear our faith questioned from time to time, we are reminded that ultimately what matters is not what other people say about us, but whether we’re being true to our conscience and true to our God.”

This is another quote from our dear President at the recent National Prayer day event he attended. Notice anything wrong with that? (Beside you know the fact that he says he believes in God. Nothing this man has done or said has convinced me he is anything but an atheist.) It’s the phrase “our God.”

Our God. Your God. My God. Their God.

Just one problem with using any kind of possessive pronoun with the word God—it makes no logical sense.

“Our God” implies “their” god, which in turn implies multiple gods or that our god is real and your god is made up. Just one problem with that there is only one God. And he’s the God of all religions.

Now many religions, all people in fact, place different masks on this one deity that helps them envision and comprehend that truth which is beyond that piece of meat in your skull–some religions will even put multiple masks on this deity at once (polytheism), but any educated Hindu will tell you that in the end all things (all deities, all mortals, all the world) all thing are Brahma, and the same truth applies to all pagan versions of polytheism—there is only one deity. The mask may change, but the mask you put on it does not change its nature or this ultimate reality. Yahweh, Elohim, Jehovah, Nirvana, Brahma, the Tao, the Great Spirit…pick a name, same being. True we may sometimes put a mask on this deity that shows more of our flaws than its greatness (Zeus, Odin, and certain deities of the moon come to mind), but our projecting our flaws do make this being any less in itself.

Thus there can be no “our” God. For someone to say “our” God suggest they believe God is not God to everyone. Thus they cannot believe in a God of Love, because love by definition is unconditional, especially at the infinite level of the divine there can be no mine and not mine, and conversely there can be no ours and yours. And from that one metaphysical assumption, that we have “our god” which is not “your god,” the logical extension to ethics and politics gets really dark (see the worst moments in religious history if you want to know how dark).

Now I’m not particularly worried about any of that under Obama, because, like I’ve said, I doubt he worships any god other than his reflection (and maybe his teleprompter), but it does show he knows nothing of spirituality or genuine faith. People with faith aren’t threatened by other people’s differing relationships with God, and hence feel no need to use possessive pronouns in discussing God. And people who don’t understand such things have a hard, if not impossible time, separating reasonable people of strong spiritual conviction from nut jobs who want to burn down the world in the name of “their” god…and right now not being able to make that distinction could lead to some serious foreign relation blunders. Not to mention it shows that this is a man who can’t be honest about most basic of statements of belief.

And if he can’t be honest, then all we have to judge him by are his actions….and, well, those tend to speak for themselves…

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