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Laws the GOP should pass #12: Get rid of government unions.

So this week the economic idiot-in-chief wants to unionize TSA workers. Let’s see, their outrageous union salaries and pension plans are driving states and businesses into bankruptcy as has been shown time and time again during this recession and Obama wants to expand union power? Madness! Madness! And let’s mention that unionizing employees has always and will always reduce employee productivity and customer service…given the TSA I hate to imagine how they could get worse than they are now, but I’m sure their union will find a way. Oh and it’s not like a union in the airline business has ever resulted in problems for airlines (like air traffic controllers striking and shutting down the country). Obama is clearly mentally unhinged or owned by the unions. Either way the best interests of the American public are not even an afterthought in this decision.

However, I’ve already gone off on the idea that TSA should be privatized and replaced with several Israeli style security companies. So let’s deal with this stupid idea of unions in government. Why are there unions in government? Why do government employees need good wages or protection? Honestly if you need protection from your employer and your employer is the people who write the laws, rule on the laws, and enforce the laws, and arbitrates all management/employee disputes…you’re just plain screwed, because no matter how good your union employer is, they are still the one who sets the rules of the game (again see the air traffic controller strike). So, logically, the only real reason we have unions in government is kickbacks to union heads through union dues (yes the logic really is that simple).
Hence the law of the week. GET RID OF ALL GOVERNMENT UNIONS.

But, but, but, liberals stutter searching for a legitimate reason against this (after all those unions pay for the largest portion of their reelection campaigns), but then who will protect the wages of government employees. Right now the public is out for blood and if you get rid of unions then the salaries and benefits of government employees will drop like a rock.

To which I respond: So? What’s the problem with that scenario?

Ideally government work should be underpaid. It should be crappy salaries; it should be something you want to get out of. Honestly there are exactly three departments in the entire government where we need people to make a career out of their government jobs: The Department of Defense, Justice, and State—and they don’t need unions because either they’re law enforcement and soldiers, lawyers or diplomats. All professionals, all of which do not need a union to protect them (let’s be honest here the people with guns are the least scary on that list).

Pushing government salaries lower (can we start with Congress?) will convince people to not make a lifelong career of doing nothing in civil service meaning that people will either get real jobs in the private sector or show that they’re utterly unqualified to be paid more than the meager civil servant salary they get. And since there will be a high turnover this will be the perfect place for every college grad to pick up that experience thing they are always so lacking on their resumes. This will in turn help the private sector sort the qualified from the incompetent so there will be more efficiency in the private sector. Trust me this line of logic when you work it out has no downside. Oh, and we save on federal, state, county, and city spending. So, less taxes.

Any other objection? Other than I’m stopping the time honored and Democratic Party and Union tradition of fleecing taxpayers and filling their own coffers? No? Didn’t think so.

There is no reason for government employees (at any level) to have unions. Scrap them.


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