Why Obama thinks we need government…

Here are the words of our President:
“There’s only so much a church can do to help all the families in need, all those who need help making a mortgage payment or avoiding foreclosure, or making sure their child can go to college. […] There’s only so much that a nonprofit can do to help a community rebuild in the wake of disaster. There’s only so much the private sector will do to help folks who are desperately sick to get the care that they need.
“And that’s why I continue to believe that in a caring and in a just society, government must have a role to play; that our values, our love and our charity must find expression not just in our families, not just in our places of work and our places of worship, but also in our government and in our politics.”

I pulled this off of an article where some liberal wanted to whine about Conservatives misusing the Constitution called “It’s my Constitution too”…To which I can only respond 1. This quote has nothing to do with the topic provided by the columnist, and 2. Yes it is your Constitution too; now why don’t you actually try to read it and follow it…you’ll be the first liberal in decades to do so…but back to this quote.

I agree with President Obama that there is only so much that the individuals, families, churches, non-profits and business can do in the face of tragedy and adversity. I agree with him completely. They have limited resources after all. But why do they have limited resources? Oh, that’s right they’re taxed on EVERYTHING! Sales, income, corporate, gas and deductions for pyramid schemes like social security, Medicaid and Medicare. People can only do so much because the government is fleecing them for every cent they earn!
If Obama wanted a just society he would let the free market and meritocracy work out the problem created by government intervention and the welfare state, there would be no end to what we could do. Americans are the most generous people on Earth in both terms of money and time donated to churches, causes and charities (don’t believe me, go read Who Really Cares by Arthur C. Brooks, pages upon pages of statistical data to back up that assertion…oh by the way conservatives are more charitable than liberals) and maybe we could be more charitable if a third of our year wasn’t spent coming up with money for the modern day Sherriff of Nottingham.
Oh and if we had our money back to give as we please we would be far more effective in our charity. Individuals do not give money to drug addicts…welfare does. Individuals do not go out of their way to help criminals and the worst society has to offer…welfare does. Individuals may be very giving in their charity but, unlike welfare and entitlement programs, there is an unspoken bargain being made: I will give you food or money or time or help, but you must use this to help make yourself a better person. No such bargain exists in getting entitlements from the government—and thus no improvement occurs.
What Obama should realize is that there is only so much government can do. It can only give money. Individuals, families, churches, non-profits and businesses can give help.

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  1. Perhaps if people were required to do SOMETHING in order to get welfare instead of sitting on their asses at home instead. Then I wouldn't feel like my taxes were going to let people be lazy while I work 40 hours a week.Considering I lost $700 last year to taxes and social security and I made less than $9000 total…yeah I'm not likely to give to charity. I AM a charity case at this point, lol.

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