Laws the GOP should pass #11: Taxes and elections

Two things are happening right now. First the 2012 elections are starting—may all the current front runners crash, burn and be forgotten…not only because they’re kind of wasting our time this early, but also because all the front runners right not (Romney, Paul, Palin, Obama) are losers. But the other thing that’s starting to happen is that most of us are receiving that wonderful yearly reminded of highway robbery called your W-2. I got mine today and once again I’m back to my stated belief that being an employee of the IRS or Social Security Bureau should be a death penalty worthy crime (goddamn thieves, it’s a shame I don’t believe in Hell).


What do elections and taxes have to do with this week’s suggested law? Everything. But, you say taxes are on April 15th and elections are 6 and half months after that in early November…. Yeah they are. Think about it. These two dates that the government can arbitrarily decide on were placed as far apart from each as was humanly possible. Do you think there is a reason for that? Could it be that politicians know that sadly people have very short attention spans? Maybe, that if people still felt the bitter taste of paying taxes in their mouth, tax and spend liberals and spineless Republicans would never get reelected. Yeah, actually that’s probably it.

Which is why I suggest we move all national, state, county and city elections to April 15th. Hell I’d say we make it a Constitutional amendment that tax day and election day are on the exact same day.

Think of the kind of cost cutting politicians we’d get in Congress if you had these two events on the same day. Politicians campaign promises would sound like “In my six years in the Senate I brought not a single dime of tax raising pork back to this district and I promise I will cut the budget another 20% in my next term.” Politicians who spend money on non-essential expenditures will not last long. People will have a very clear vision of what welfare, social security, Medicaid, and Medicare are actually costing them. You do this and I can almost guarantee balanced budgets and low government debt within 10 years.

The only way to even improve on this is if we moved both election day and tax day to July 4th…a day which honors a time when people knew what to do to tax collectors and intrusive government.

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One response to “Laws the GOP should pass #11: Taxes and elections

  1. I have discussed this proposal for a while. The only way it could backfire is an increase in welfare as it flows through the tax code. "I'm going to increase your refund by $X." However, I think that may be relatively unlikely.

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