Repeal Obamacare

So, supposedly the Republicans are going to bring up Obamacare Repeal in the House this week. It will either die in the Senate (and thus guarantee Republicans take the Senate in 2012) or socialist-in-chief Obama will veto it (giving the GOP the White House, I’d prefer both out comes, but I can live with either). However, Republican politicians do not have a great track record for holding the line, so you might want to get your Congressman’s number and be sure to make it clear to them the House makes this symbolic stand against encroaching tyranny, or in two years we’ll find someone else who will make that stand. Doubly important if you live in a Democratic district that you flood their switchboard with constant calls (I recommend you be very polite, but relentless in your calling until they give up and start swearing at you, I then recommend you record it and send the recording to a major media outlet).

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