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Involuntary Commitment: What should we take away from last week’s shooting in Arizona? That we need to revise some of the laws in this country that deal with involuntary commitment in mental institutions and legally requiring people who are not of sound mind to be forced, by law, to take their medication. More gun laws probably would not have helped stop this situation. Law requiring an educational professional to report possible mental issues and then force institutionalization when it is deemed to be in the best interest of the patient might have stopped this.
At least I’m not the only person thinking about this:

Gun Control
There has been a lot of stupid things said about gun control. The only intelligent things said this past week dealt with not letting those mentally unstable buy a gun (see the above paragraph) and Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) suggestion that in addition to a background check you need to take a drug test to get a gun. Gun rights advocate that I am, I have no problem with this. I also read that the assault weapons ban expired a couple of years ago. What the Hell?! I believe everyone has a right to, and probably should own a hand gun, a rifle and/or a shotgun. But nobody needs an M16 for private use.
…Now if can only get Senator Schumer to also agree to drug testing for all entitlement spending.

What did the Department of Justice focus on this week? Focus on how a lunatic got hold of a gun? No. Focus on where the holes in system were for FBI background checks that let a nut job get a gun? No. Track down Islamofacists? No. Prosecute Black Panther members who intimidate voters? Nope. Help tighten our borders? Again a no.

They sent letters to states telling them that the right to a secret ballot for unionization is against federal law. Ignoring that the very idea of a closed shop is at best unethical, and at worst unconstitutional, they want to garner more power for the unions by taking away the right to a secret ballot in states. Because card checks will never encourage intimidation and fraud…you know the reasons that we made public elections secret ballots. That’s what the DOJ did this week, it helped out Obama’s campaign contributors once again infringe upon your rights. Thank you Eric Holder. (I eagerly look forward to Holder’s vast corruption trial that will one day come.).

Decline of Freedom

A minor story went almost unreported this week. Freedom House, which tracks level of liberty in all countries around the nation, states that “A total of 25 countries showed significant declines in 2010, more than double the 11 countries exhibiting noteworthy gains[.]” Apparently there is less freedom the world over. Minor story, nothing to worry about. This is certainly not the kind of thing that will come back to bite this nation in the ass when it gets to be a massive problem. No, not at all. After all I’m sure we’ll have peace in our time.

Poor Leadership

For the most part I’m not going to comment on that memorial service in Arizona. However, once again, Obama lost a great opportunity to show he was more than an egotistical prick. He could have at some point said to the crowd, “I know you want to show your support for the ideas I’m proposing, but in deference to those who we are here to honor, I don’t think applause is appropriate. I know those of you in the audience meant no disrespect, but please I ask you to not applaud” or something to that effect. But no, which makes me wonder how much the event was about him or about the dead in his mind.

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  1. The problem with the "assault weapons ban" was that it didn't really ban assault weapons. What it banned were "Scary" looking guns. Cosmetic things like the stock, pistol-grips and flash hiders, which have zero bearing on lethality, were listed, and a gun was banned for having any 2 or more. Actual assault weapons like the M16 or M4 were already (and still are) essentially illegal* for a private citizen to own, under previous legislation.Magazine capacity was a separate issue in the ban. Is 33 rounds too dangerous in a handgun? Is 10 rounds safer? Would more people be alive or unhurt if the Arizona shooter had only 10 round mags? It's all pure speculation, but for comparison, the Virginia Tech shooter had AWB-compliant 10 round magazines.I agree that the media has missed an important opportunity to examine the failures of mental health care in America. Years ago, there was a burst of concern for the mentally ill that resulted in closure of the "loony bins". When that wore off, people forgot that patients were often there for good reason. Free-will is not to be taken lightly, but at least we acknowledged the problem and tried to treat it. Nowadays, the reaction to mental illness is indifference and feigned ignorance. The result often ends in homelessness or, as in this case, prison. *The long, complicated, highly regulated and very expensive process to legally acquire any fully-automatic weapon, coupled with the market restricted to only guns manufactured pre-1986, makes it essentially a non-issue. Criminals are not going to spend $20k and play nice with the ATF bureaucrats.

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